I have always thought what would be my condition I were born in a house full of poverty. Flies lining my food, a total unhygienic life. But I’m pretty sure of one thing I would never stop dreaming putting hope after hope of developing myself into a someone the world would look forward to. In the sonnet I tried to develop a situation where the readers even for a second would think about those unlucky dreamers who dream on throughout lives and perhaps someday their wish is fulfilled.


A future filled with glee and happiness

Is all they have wanted,

When they’ll have free access

To everything and nothing in life will be shunted.

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My old key ring

An old drawer may be a chest of treasure for someone or may be junk for the other. For me its the first one. Here I tried to present my thoughts about an old key ring which accidentally stuck my hand while searching through my drawer in the form of an ode.
   My old key ring
Searching through my drawer yesterday I found an old key ring,
More likely to belong to a ten year old
A mickey mouse is all it has got

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Ma’s Fingers

If I say I have seen my mom working hard since I was a little one, then I would be wrong because everyone’s mother is special for them. Here is a prose poem based on fingers of a mother it may be my mother or somebody else’s mother, because all mother’s are incredible creatures of god.

Mother’s fingers

Working through anything like magic,

My mother’s fingers they are always subtle-

Never do I find her resting them,

Time in and time out she works them out;

Never once caring for the frigid cold or dry summer.

Her fingers may not be dainty anymore,

But they are curved.

They still know how to brush the strands of hair

Away from my face.

They still are my ma’s fingers.

Now my dear friends is the time when you learn a new Indian recipe. This one is a pitha that is prepared during Makar sankranti . I suppose in my makar sankranti post I attached a few pictures along with the post. Here is the recipe for one of my favorite pitha. Pitha is a kind of desert item it can be taken as an evening or morning snack. Today I’m going to tell you how to prepare a Malpuwa, well that is the name of the pitha.


Note:this recipe is only for one malpuwa if you want prepare more increase the quantity of ingredients.

To prepare this you will need 1 cup white flour (maida), my mother specially mixes rice powder with that, grind-ed sugar granules and water. Make a paste of it. Heat oil in a pan and then slowly pour the paste one by one so that the things are circular in shape. Fry them till they are brown. These desserts are crispy and can be taken with coffee or tea. They are prepared during makar sankranti as well as during Lakshmi puja.


India has been enslaved for many years by different dynasties and then by different European companies who came to trade but then tried to rule on us.This particular poem is based on all those heroines who fought for the nation’s freedom.

A lady with a gun
A lady with a gun


Standing among the thronged crowd

She saw him everyday ,making a

Troll on his black stallion;

She watched him like a tigress,

Waiting to pounce on it’s prey.

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Our mind is most often preoccupied with things and it becomes quite difficult for us to find the solutions. We may be familiar to the problem but answer reaches us lately.


I passed this tree numerous times,

But today the weather is foggy;

The path is not much clear today-

I do have to find a way

Need to keep my patience to see the path clearly

That’s the only way to reach the goal.

Now the fog seems to have cleared a little

Need to move soon

Otherwise the fog will cover the road again;

And I’ll be stranded here forever.


It’s generally said that man work like beast, but women can be fiery too whenever needed. She can fight for herself may be not like a man but in her own way.Here’s a short concrete poetry based on that.



Woman, what

can she do? Oh!

don’t fight us,We are

a bunch of lioness’s, who

will not waste a single moment

to tear you apart into a million pieces.

Yes, we are delicate and fragile but

the beast within us will not

be quite if you come

barking after


Trust me

Trust is a word which turns out worthless in today’s world because there are few people whom we can trust except our parents I suppose.

A lonely girl
A lonely girl

Here is a small Acrostic that I composed last night.

Trust me

Aiden,  what do you wish to gain?

Trusting me will only give you pain,

A pain that you’ll endure for a lifetime.

Still I’ll waste no tear for you not a single dime.

Honey, never ever trust me,

Because in the end you’ll see-

I can’t trust thee;

Can never make myself care free.

With the number of heart breaks I had,

Gripping on me will probably make you sad,

I’m not someone you should know about

Increasing your curiosity will make you step out;

Step out of your haven and be isolated,

Think of the society that we created;

Filled with filthy people and their animosity,

Which can be dealt with an equal atrocity.

Can you make me feel safe?

Enough,  so that I can you till I reach my grave-

Tell you that I’m the one for you,

And you reply me with an “I love you too”.

Travelling and Eating


I don’t know how often I travel

Exploring some secrets left behind to unravel,

May be a hidden necklace or a priest’s stake-

Comparable to the knife I used to cut my cake.

Travelling for me is an adventure,

Fun and frolic gets when passed through a joint venture.

 This much for a limerick. Travelling is something which I suppose most of us enjoy except for those who are sick, the sickness may range from homesick, cant the TV soap sick, lazy sick to real sickness. One thing that I can say for myself is I love travelling to wherever it might be anywhere in the world, just include a few medicines for me if the temperature is unbearable.

In India the commons mostly travel by train, thanks to the services of the Indian Railways people most of the time carry their own food, which is often puri sabji for a North Indian. Now may be thinking why am I discussing food out here instead of simply concluding after finishing the limerick, I must remind you of my promise I told you this month my posts will be based on Indian food items. Today I’m going to talk, rather discuss about this item called Puri and its importance in India’s culture.

Puri and Kheer
Puri and Kheer

   It history is unknown. So I’ll directly start with the ingredients which are flour, water, salt and oil or ghee. A  dough is prepared using the flour(maida), salt and water; little balls are prepared from that ,then the balls are rolled out and cut into small circles. These are deep fried in oil or ghee. Some of them may include cumin seeds in the dough, another variety of puri is bhatoora which is much larger in size than the puri and is prepared from a different flour. The puri used in pani puri is much crispier. Puri is often accompanied with a potato curry, sometimes it may be chola otherwise a simple curry. It can also be served with desserts like Halwa, Kheer, Suji etc.

Puri is occasionally served during pujas, marriage or any other special occasion, including travelling. Because of its crispy nature it remains intact for a long time and can be eaten even after a day of its preparation.


Water is very essential for everyone and I believe all of you know how worthy it is. Below I .have attached a haiku on water composed by me.It’s just a trial and. I don’t know how much successful I am

It sparkles like a diamond,

Water? Yes thats what I’m talking about-

More worthy than a diamond.

Drop of water
Drop of water

Water in my country is rarely found in some of the villages of rajasthan. Even in some big cities people need to buy water due to lack of clean drinking water. In Rajasthan the government has made a fine project of sending water to the interior villages through trains.There are possibly two such trains now but the number is likely to increase in the recent times.I have something important to say to those people who misuse water.YOU have a precious gift of nature dont waste it,otherwise someday your tears will be wasted for it.