Carrying out a fallacy called love,
Everyday I move on without dignity
Lost it when I told you “Yes”;
The three syllables made me lose myself,
Living in an independent country, 
Am I really independent?

The first mistake of bowing down to you
How badly do I desire for a death wish now,
It’s you I wish to kill
A death wish for you,
But will I be independent after that?

The society epitomized me obedient,
I let them see the woman you want me to be –
Lest I stop fulfilling your wishes,
Turning their back they’ll call me names
Will that be my independence? Never.



Withering leaves,  the autumn twigs,
All were meant to dry
None could hold up if not for their will –
Destiny never led the path;
The tree chose its own way not to die,
Relations are strong,  with a will,
Weaker it will,  with destiny following it;
Life doesn’t end without a destiny,
Putting our lives before destiny,  will make us live.

Book review: BoyzNite


Title: BoyzNite
Author: Xane J Fisher
Release Date: August 1 ,2016

Not much romance,  yet a lot of memories.

This book is the debut work of author Xane J Fisher. A party ending up with lots of happenings in a single night,  making it a BoyzNite.
The book has more to it,  author Xane tries to put up some family emotions,  where the protagonist Ian’s family is closely knit except his mother.

The story opens up with Ian Peters moving to Piedmont,  Washington for the summer,  to his father’s place. This summer proves to be self -revealing  for him,  reassuring himself regarding his conscience,  reigniting old flame,  reconnecting with his family and friends.

It is the story of most of us who passed their college or are attending universities or working somewhere far from their family,  far from the place they grew up,  exceptional are a few adventures made by Ian.

There is a particular period in our life ‘s timeline when we come to know what we missed all around,  the mistakes we carried and finally we want to correct those. That is what Xane J Fisher’s book is about and much more. Which I won’t reveal,  not now.

A book which is sure to remind the adults of their past adventures,  the young adults of their latest thrills.
So if you are COMPLETELY,  TOTALLY interested grab your copies from Amazon pre -sale.

Interview with Manya V Kasi

Hello everyone today we have Manya V Kasi , the author of India’s most unlikely bride. I am really honored to have her interview. Without fussing much about my blog let me proceed with her answers.

1. Where are you from?

I have been living in San Francisco from the past 12 years, but I am originally from Hyderabad, India.

2. When did you start writing?

I have been writing since I was a little girl.  However, I have publishedmy book on Amazon for the first time only a few months ago.

3. What is your debut novel?

My debut novel is named “India’s Most Unlikely Bride”

4. What inspired you to write the plot?

Topics like verbal abuse within marriage or male child preference in a family are not discussed that openly. We know they exist, we even see them happening around us, sometimes from too close for comfort.  But we often look the other way, since they do not usually leave behind any physical pain or scars on the victim.I wanted to write a story about a woman who has gone through those issues.I had obsessively researched various articles on these topics.  My phone is filled with notes and bookmarks on consequences of verbal abuse and howvictims usually cope. Some of the statistics around the world were unbelievable. It also gave me a new found understanding towards victims who have stayed through years of abusive marriage.Soon I drafted a story to address some of the social issues without being too obtrusive to the core romance storyline.

5. Other than writing what is your profession?
I work in the Information Technology sector.

6. Name your favorite writers and books .

I am an avid reader who has several favorite writers and books in various genres.🙂 The ones I can name on top of my head are: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell ;Outlander by Diana Gabaldon;The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins;Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead ;Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella

7. Which is your favorite vacation spot?

I don’t have a favorite. I love vacationing atany place that helps me relax wth an enjoyable company.🙂

8.  What do you think writers should keep in mind before sketching out acharacter?

Characters should drive the story. Writers should know their characters pretty well. They could be based a little bit on someone they know or sometimes they could also be based a little bit on the writers itself. That would help in knowing the characters motivations, what drives them and howthey would react to certain circumstances.It is very important to have empathy towards all the characters in the story.

9. Tell us about your future projects.

I’m currently working on a new adult novel.

10. Any suggestions for newbie authors.

Don’t give up on writing or be discouraged by bad reviews. Continue writing with the same passion. Nothing or no one can stop you from doing what you love to do the best.

Thanks for joining us today in this interview and I also wish Manya a bright future with her writing works.



They floated down near me,
With your name on one –
I picked up the next,
Nothing but a white petal lay on it.
Finally you wanted peace with me
When the whole town lay unsound; Everything messed under water
How ironical was that!