Book Review – Half Brother

Halo alles zusammen. Wie geht es dir? I höffe alles ihr seid sicher und gesunden. Ich versuche so viel wie möglich drinnen yu bleiben.

That was my mini knowledge of German. I have been trying to hone it for the past few weeks.

Hello Everyone. How are you all doing? I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. I have been staying indoors as much as possible. Also excluding the language learning, I have also been committed to reading new books apart from Academia. The title must have already told you that this post is about a book review. So let’s begin


Book- Half Brother

Author -Kenneth Oppel

Genre- Children’s book

Publisher-Scholastic Press/ New York, 2010

Rating- 5 stars

The title of the book justifies the story to its very core. It is the first book that I read by this author and thoroughly enjoyed it.

He has a wonderful way of expressing the feelings of his characters, specially because it is a children’s book it needed to be very neat and easy to understand , which he maintained through and through. Also it pulled to my heart because I am an anthropologist and the plot revolves around primates. Well, I have already let out a lot about the book. All I would say is please consider reading it , whether you are an adult or a child. It will show you how innocent love and care can be among children.

So, I am off now. Das ist schön. That is all my dear friends.

Book review: India’s Most Unlikely Bride


Title:India’s Most Unlikely Bride
Author: M.V.Kasi
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Ratings:  5 star

A match made in hell

India’s most unlikely bride is the first romantic comedy by an Indian author,  that was able to keep me enthralled. Right from the beginning the light bantering between the lead characters Mahi and Samrat bound me to my seat for a full two hours which is seldom in case of other books.

Set in Southern India the book provides us an outlook of the Southern people,  their tastes,  climate etc. Mahi is thirty something,  a person with a sharp tongue and strong wits. She is a divorcee with a wild past. Back in Hyderabad from San Francisco,  she’s here to redeem herself. But will her obsolete past help her do that? 
Samrat a business tycoon,  who is Mahi’s neighbor as well , had a difficult time during college;  all thanks to Mahi. Will he allow her to live peacefully,  when she arrives next door after 14 years.

The story has everything a person needs while sipping a cup of coffee from romance -passion -emotional drama -sarcasm -comedy,  just everything.  Mahi’s witty nature even when she’s grieving and Samrat’s dominating,  stubborn self strike perfectly.

If you guys are interested in Super hot romance then I assure you,  won’t be disappointed with this book.