The sunshine girl

Never preferred raindrops, I love sunshine,

Brightness is my thing, while drizzle is yours-

You like the pitter-patter of the raindrops,

My love for a noiseless sunny day is well known,

When I was finding a way to balk and stop,

Proceeding after the first meeting was you;

Sugar and spice is what makes us,

Taking the steps forward, we will be trusting faith

The memories are ones keeping me on track now.



Extendability, stability, durability;

Features which make a good battery,

What if it doesn’t have those?

Maze of Minotaur

Time being a challenge, running around the maze

How difficult must it be for me to escape it,

I have been trying and yet there’s always an obstacle,

Working up my strength, my sanity-

A stable rock you have been for me,

Feeding my mind with positivity and solutions,

“I am there ” is like your signature in my conscious,

How did we come to this? I don’t know

I am sure, your love will make me love you.


You are odd and I still stand by you,

Unromantic that you are, you don’t sympathise

No pity case for me, no caring sharing words-

I hit my head and you turn it to humor,

You don’t let me cry though, not offering shoulders-

When I feel you don’t love, it’s then I realise.

Being challenged is what I love, not being pitied

Tantrums are not my style, it is you who can,

You love me the best you can, that’s what I accept .

You taught me

Smiling and laughing not my best attributes,

Keeping calm and cool was still unlearned,

Indifference and apathy were my best weapons,

Yet all these dissolved when you came,

You taught me to face the world with a smile;

Niggling and grumbling wouldn’t get me anywhere,

Did I realise the great fall then? No,

You were calm while I seethed with anger,

You smiled while I smirked,

You were my peace, my trust, my sole,

My mind being its own master,

An angel could never be my soul,

I sought the easier way out, running far

Lingering would tell me the truth,

Patience was never my element,

Yet you cared and shared with me,

Deeper did I fall, when I knew your smile,

Could follow your smell and shadow,

Yet you asked me made stop mid-path;

Smiling you gave our angel, a blush like yours-

You were not beholden, yet you let me hold,

Our angel is now my calm and peace,

Makes me smile and laugh, just like once did.


Should you be the one?

Weaving your way, twining with mine,

Lading your life with decisions that are mine;

Adjusting it all because yours are or not –

Looped and twisted fate with mine,

Should I never twine my thoughts with yours?

Alone, how long will you pull the thread?

The beginning might be yours, but let me pull the end.


Not before you feel a catastrophe ,

Somewhere in your mind;

The time when you feel lost,

Without really knowing what you have lost-

A part of you, or may be the touch,

Someone familiar and really close,

Seems not to be them anymore;

That is the aftermath of something tragic,

A story which broke its track somewhere in between.



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Break Down

Did I get it all out?

Were you there to here it till the end?

Then you must know how bad I pretend,

Dying with my gloomy thoughts , cry and shout.

I want it all to be out,

You are the only one, who will stand by me;

I know you will help me to lean on you, and help me see

The world where not everyone is cruel on and about.