Break Down

Did I get it all out?

Were you there to here it till the end?

Then you must know how bad I pretend,

Dying with my gloomy thoughts , cry and shout.

I want it all to be out,

You are the only one, who will stand by me;

I know you will help me to lean on you, and help me see

The world where not everyone is cruel on and about.


The distance

It’s not okay to be near you but not able to hold you,

Even worse is that when I can’t whisper sweet words only meant for your ears to hear,

When I can’t show how much I love you –

Or the way I have to act as if we are only friends,

Still your presence close to mine is a relief,

A happy feeling which keeps me at peace.


Sharing the feelings growing within us,

How beautiful isn’t it to realise the crux;

Your silence gets deep down to my core,

No , I can’t stop the grief knocking at the door-

Pain, insecurity is laid barren infront of me,

As if all the positivity of ‘ours’ escapes just before I see,

This happens when you are silent,

Turning my mind into a storm which is turbulent.

An understanding between us 1

Those brown orbs, twinkling when you smile

I know you are happy then,

A smile without the gleeful joy;

Fake it must be ,

Your affirmations must not always be affirmative,

No, at times they are to adjust with situations.

Your love for me , kindness and carefree,

That’s what I like being close yet be free.


I am not sure if it is right,

With little connection between us

Hardly can I show my empathy;

And I don’t even know when it happened.

When you lost the touch that could create tingles,

Yet the last string might be enough to pull us back.

We get by

Yes you and me , get by

Easily it seems, we don’t have to try

Exchanging ideas , we reveal the truth, not shy

The world might say things, making me cry

But you are my strength , won’t let me die

Yes we do get by.

Being there for her

“Care to tell me , when is your birthday”? he asked while skimming the jeans’ which had been showcased in the women’s section.

“Day after tomorrow”, she replied and then after a pause” But why are you asking ? You wouldn’t be able to attend it right”?

“Ah this one “, he exclaimed finding the right one for her “What happened”? she asked , concerned for him.

“Uh well I am buying vegetables”, he said to cover ” Now, to answer your previous question, yes I will attend”.

” But I will be able to “, she cut him off ” do it alone “, he completed for her.

” I know you can do it, but behind that facade of a strong woman , there’s a little girl ” , he could hear her sigh ” who , my dear, wants someone to hold her hand while she cuts her cake, to sing a birthday song for her”, he said while passing the jeans along with other goods to the woman standing in the counter section ” And I want to be that someone”, he could imagine her smile. 😊