Indian Pariah

This page is mainly related to the Indian Pariah dogs, cats they can take care of themselves, but these dogs seem to be the naive ones. They think themselves to be quite brave and try fighting every evil and get hurt.

A pariah
A pariah

This dog used to visit us every morning and me or my mom Β would feed him with biscuits or bread crumbs.Sometimes when we would go Β for long vacations, we used to pay our neighbor to provide him with food. I’ve been seeing him for two years now.

One morning he didn’t and I saved his share of food, to give him next day. The same thing happened next day, this continued for weeks. I was quite worried for him, since he is a pariah may be he met an accident and no one was there to care for him. My mom who is always optimistic said perhaps someone has adopted him and he has got a new family. My worries turned to a nightmare yesterday when she told me she saw him in the road , he was running and playing around with his friends. I asked her why she didn’t bring him home, there were tears in her eyes. She replied he is completely broken, someone ha beaten him up badly, half of the flesh is visible and one of his ears have been cut allowing the nerves to hang loose.I’ve been searching him since last night , but there are no traces to be found. I suppose one of my neighbors must have kicked him out.

This is the story of not only one but hundreds of Indian pariahs. Generally they don’t live more than a month, due to the rate of road accidents and even if they live they are treated pretty badly. Sometimes I feel that the humans are worse than animals.

In our area there was a Ram Goat, he was fed by the shopkeepers. One day I found him lying in a rag piece ,after inspecting it more clearly I saw one of its horn is broken probably due to an accident, his condition quite serious. I didn’t know of any local vet, so I thought of checking out the Internet. There is one website which shows a Government hospital which takes care of local pariahs and if the condition is serious then they provide ambulance, the website provided a few phone numbers. One by one I tried all of them but neither worked.

So you see, there are people who shout save animals save wildlife, How are we going to the wild animals if we cant protect the domestic ones.

The common people should be made aware or should be educated of how to treat animals. No one says you to provide them with food, but at least don’t torture them. They may not be humans but they have flesh and blood , they are alive. A common scene for most Indian neighborhoods, children throwing stones at animals and elders laughing or enjoying. I don’t understand how can someone enjoying hurting a mute being, there’s got to be only one conclusion that these people are sadist and if a human cant take care of an animal then how will he/she take care of a fellow human? These are matters which the Government cant solve, these are to be solved by us. We need to understand that just like us they are born in this planet and even they have rights to live peacefully without being tortured.

13 thoughts on “Indian Pariah

  1. I think your feelings demonstrate how we are actually related to animals, much more closely than we give ourselves credit for. When those relationships are nurtured well , we are also able to farm very productively and not necessarily for meat or milk, but in working together to make the land work, because animals and humans will empathise with each other. I don’t have a pet, but it is amazing how friendship and respect grows between animal and human, especially with dogs.

    Thank you for your post. It sounds as if you have very naturally started to engage other peoples interest.

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  2. This is so heart-breaking! I was very sad to read the story of the Pariah Dog. I hate when people beat dogs, or hurt them in any way, and don’t think their lives are worth anything. Thank you for trying to do what you could.

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