Taxation for the Mandis and Bazaars

You guys must be thinking why all of a sudden I chose this controversial topic. Whenever a topic regarding peoples rights are raised there is controversy. Coming to the main topic it has been years since the mandi tax has been set up but still there are many complications regarding this matter and the poor farmers and others related to the mandis have very few places to complain about their problems.

Selling their commodities for a farmer is quite difficult . They have to go through a whole process of bringing their commodities to the mandi office where auctions are held and the highest bidder gets to buy the commodity. After the auction both farmer and trader are given auction slip. From there the commodity is then taken to the weighing machine where the commodities are weighed and weighing slips are given to both trader and farmer . After that the price is settled between both of them. A formally signed payment slip is the only evidence that the farmer has been paid for his commodity. The issue that I wanted to draw your attention towards is not the process instead the meager amount that the farmers are paid for their grains. The traders they buy the grains with a low price and then sell it in the market with a much higher price. This proves as a huge loss for the farmers and they try to increase their productivity by using illegal means.Consequently the commoners who buy these products fall ill. So basically its not the fault of the farmers that the crops are adulterated instead its the middlemen’s fault.


The primary occupation of our country is agriculture and the total population of the nation is dependent on them for food. If the staple food is adulterated than people automatically try to switch towards fast food making it their staple food and leading to a poor health. This situation can be developed only if the people lowest in this business transaction tree are well paid. But this is not going to happen any sooner .

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My next point of discussion is related to the shopkeepers who sell vegetables and other commodities in a weekly basis in bazaars or haat as it is called in some part . These shopkeepers have to pay a price against the places they occupy to sell their products every week or on a daily basis if the bazaars are organized regularly. They bring their products from the villages where they stay to markets in the city , some of them don’t even have the money to return back . The money earned by them throughout the day allows them to return back home and pay the tax and other payments. Now the matter is suppose one day they reach the bazaar and while unpacking they are informed that they will not be able to sell their goods here. I am talking about 70-80 shopkeepers here whose lives are dependent on these weekly bazaars. They would be devastated completely. I saw this thing happening in front of my eyes. I was off to shopping a few vegetables early in the morning when the police came and drove them off the place. They were not prepared for these. But the police as you know the way it is our country in most of the casesΒ they don’t speak rather beat the innocent and keep mum in front of the rich, dint listen to their pleas.

These are a few things which should be corrected by the people themselves if the Government cant do it for us.