More time for ourselves

These are one of the most fearful situations we are having to deal with. Chaotic times. But does it mean that we cannot set fresh goals for ourselves.

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Yes, we are all quarantined but that doesn’t mean that our lives have come to an end. I believe people must try to live their lives in an active fashion and accommodate it very much with social distancing. I am willing to share my recent goals with all of you here. Also i would like for you guys to tell me about any of your plans to ensconce with the present condition.

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1.Learn a new language- I am a Graduate student working through the Ph.D. coursework, normal school hours and academic work does not leave me with ample amount of time to work on a new language. For the time being. I want to develop my intermediary skills in German to an advanced one, even though that too will particularly help me with academia.

2. Develop my English Vocabulary- As you all know by now, English is not my first language. I am willing to develop it as much as possible though. With help from certain software and apps the task does not seem to be a lot testing and with the extra time I would definitely like to focus on that.

3. Meditate Everyday- I guess this is the one closest to my heart. I learnt meditation at a very tender age, but practiced it seldom. It is not tiring believe me. Only people having issues ( getting bored) to sit out in the same place for more than fifteen minutes and stare out at empty space, to make it generalized might not like it much. I want to try it out again.

4. Eat healthy and delicious- Lots of people have this notion that healthy food cannot be delicious or simply have to eat certain salads to lose weight or maintain one that you like. Tell you what , your healthy food does not always have to be salads. I am a preferable vegetarian person and during this period while I stay at home everyday , will try to cook various dishes which are vegetarian , delicious and made from ingredients easily accessible. But man, don’t forget about exercises and ample amount of sleep. Those two play an important role in maintaining your health.

5. Reading – There are some books long left books in my shelves getting dusty over the last few months. I am planning to go over them , as well as some journals which I must finish reading.

That is all for today folks! I would hope if you are reading it , to try and comment about the latest hobby that you picked up or a fresh set of goals for this year.


A sensation of going back and forth,

For as long as I remember,

Being so close to the top yet , very far from it;

I can’t exactly fathom the reasons,

By now I know the pain and can bear it without shame.

The pain of working hard,

It’s the pain of giving my best,

Where no stone was to be unturned.

The mind still doesn’t listen,

It plays the game of expectation.

And I always lose in the end.

Setting Goals

“To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen.”

Stephen Richards

One of the best proverbs that I read regarding setting goals. During my last assignment of Blogging 101 at the beginning I thought I could complete all my tasks within the given .But after a week it almost seemed to be impossible after attending family problems, college, dance classes, music classes, I used to get tired every day and I would postpone the days task for the next day, then gradually days turned to weeks. One Sunday I set about to write a particular post , it was an assignment actually. While typing I received a message from this particular person @Swajithkas,  who is my friend cum guide. From the beginning this person has been helping me out with my blog providing various advises. That day the advice that was given to me is something I’ll remember forever.He told me that you should you’ll always have these regular tasks to be completed but for blogging you need to make a habit, putting your skills into action and do the job. Here I didn’t exactly quote his words, its somewhat like that. And then there’s one more thing that I realized if I dont have a goal on what to do with my blog then I will be like sailor without any destination.

Showing success
Showing success

Success is something that I want and so I have up these goals:-

  • I will post regularly every week so that my readers , followers or friends don’t get bored looking at my old posts.
  • I will try to creative effective posts so that the number of followers increases and I know its kind of bribing but I already promised that I would put up a surprise post every last day of the month.
  • I will try to cover newer aspects based on the customs of India so that you come to know something about my country which you had never known.


If you think that I’m over with it then you are totally wrong, because I still have to mention the specialty of this month. This month my posts will be based mainly on various dishes from different parts of our country and various myths and legends associated with that. So stay tuned for my future posts.