Expectation-A soon to be archaic expression

Expectations, practically an element of past
Wise men must know, it will not last

Every generation brings up a new lesson,
Ours though have learned to follow their passion-

Independence is a thing for mass,
Believing only in the present will be our class,

Virtuous or sinful only time will tell,
Hitherto there will be many folklores to retell.

Β© Meloheart


I have always thought what would be my condition I were born in a house full of poverty. Flies lining my food, a total unhygienic life. But I’m pretty sure of one thing I would never stop dreaming putting hope after hope of developing myself into a someone the world would look forward to. In the sonnet I tried to develop a situation where the readers even for a second would think about those unlucky dreamers who dream on throughout lives and perhaps someday their wish is fulfilled.


A future filled with glee and happiness

Is all they have wanted,

When they’ll have free access

To everything and nothing in life will be shunted.

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