Book Review – Half Brother

Halo alles zusammen. Wie geht es dir? I höffe alles ihr seid sicher und gesunden. Ich versuche so viel wie möglich drinnen yu bleiben.

That was my mini knowledge of German. I have been trying to hone it for the past few weeks.

Hello Everyone. How are you all doing? I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. I have been staying indoors as much as possible. Also excluding the language learning, I have also been committed to reading new books apart from Academia. The title must have already told you that this post is about a book review. So let’s begin


Book- Half Brother

Author -Kenneth Oppel

Genre- Children’s book

Publisher-Scholastic Press/ New York, 2010

Rating- 5 stars

The title of the book justifies the story to its very core. It is the first book that I read by this author and thoroughly enjoyed it.

He has a wonderful way of expressing the feelings of his characters, specially because it is a children’s book it needed to be very neat and easy to understand , which he maintained through and through. Also it pulled to my heart because I am an anthropologist and the plot revolves around primates. Well, I have already let out a lot about the book. All I would say is please consider reading it , whether you are an adult or a child. It will show you how innocent love and care can be among children.

So, I am off now. Das ist schön. That is all my dear friends.

More time for ourselves

These are one of the most fearful situations we are having to deal with. Chaotic times. But does it mean that we cannot set fresh goals for ourselves.

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Yes, we are all quarantined but that doesn’t mean that our lives have come to an end. I believe people must try to live their lives in an active fashion and accommodate it very much with social distancing. I am willing to share my recent goals with all of you here. Also i would like for you guys to tell me about any of your plans to ensconce with the present condition.

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1.Learn a new language- I am a Graduate student working through the Ph.D. coursework, normal school hours and academic work does not leave me with ample amount of time to work on a new language. For the time being. I want to develop my intermediary skills in German to an advanced one, even though that too will particularly help me with academia.

2. Develop my English Vocabulary- As you all know by now, English is not my first language. I am willing to develop it as much as possible though. With help from certain software and apps the task does not seem to be a lot testing and with the extra time I would definitely like to focus on that.

3. Meditate Everyday- I guess this is the one closest to my heart. I learnt meditation at a very tender age, but practiced it seldom. It is not tiring believe me. Only people having issues ( getting bored) to sit out in the same place for more than fifteen minutes and stare out at empty space, to make it generalized might not like it much. I want to try it out again.

4. Eat healthy and delicious- Lots of people have this notion that healthy food cannot be delicious or simply have to eat certain salads to lose weight or maintain one that you like. Tell you what , your healthy food does not always have to be salads. I am a preferable vegetarian person and during this period while I stay at home everyday , will try to cook various dishes which are vegetarian , delicious and made from ingredients easily accessible. But man, don’t forget about exercises and ample amount of sleep. Those two play an important role in maintaining your health.

5. Reading – There are some books long left books in my shelves getting dusty over the last few months. I am planning to go over them , as well as some journals which I must finish reading.

That is all for today folks! I would hope if you are reading it , to try and comment about the latest hobby that you picked up or a fresh set of goals for this year.