Consider asking me to return ,
Like a slow breeze I shall flow to you,
There would be no turning back,
But you never wanted me ;
So there was never any reason –
For you to stop me .


Little messages


She was happy that he sent her a “Good Morning ” message without her sending taking the initiative this time .
But he sent the message to all his contacts .Though she knew that , she was happy because -a person who was hopelessly in love with a guy ( that is her ) , a simple message from him meant a lot .


I don’t know what it is ,
Can’t name the relationship –
Along with it there are feelings attached ,
Feelings unreciprocable for others ,
Only you are the one for me –
Yet I’m unsure what to call it .


A promise

I made a promise with myself ,
No I won’t be there for you ;
I will teach you how to be there for yourself –
I won’t protect you from anybody ,
I shall teach you to protect yourself ,
I might not be with you ,
But our memories will always be there for you ,
I won’t let you be dependent anymore –
I will walk with you the path towards independence .

Picture Credits :fotosearch

Tormenting myself

Yes I stay beside you ,
There’s no chance for us ,
I know somebody else holds your heart ,
Yet I can’t live without you ;
Sometimes I doubt that I’m sick –
May be mental and coronary degradation ;
Still I torment myself every waking moment ,
Staying beside you , without letting you know ,
Is this my ego speaking ?

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Don’t remember me


A lot of things have changed ,
No I didn’t stop nor ever will ;
Fancying you is what my mind does –
It makes me see you everywhere ,
You couldn’t see me though –
Infront of you I stood, yet you couldn’t see
Without me being there ,
I know you won’t even  miss me ;
For I wasn’t ever important to you ,
As you were to me ,
So it doesn’t matter anymore  ,
If you don’t remember me .


Something which cannot be measured ,
Beyond words it has its importance ,
Yet we seem to not trust it everytime ;
I may not have been sincere for all –
My sincerity towards you was purely honest ;
Yet you couldn’t believe it .