A promise

I made a promise with myself ,
No I won’t be there for you ;
I will teach you how to be there for yourself –
I won’t protect you from anybody ,
I shall teach you to protect yourself ,
I might not be with you ,
But our memories will always be there for you ,
I won’t let you be dependent anymore –
I will walk with you the path towards independence .

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Tormenting myself

Yes I stay beside you ,
There’s no chance for us ,
I know somebody else holds your heart ,
Yet I can’t live without you ;
Sometimes I doubt that I’m sick –
May be mental and coronary degradation ;
Still I torment myself every waking moment ,
Staying beside you , without letting you know ,
Is this my ego speaking ?

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Don’t remember me


A lot of things have changed ,
No I didn’t stop nor ever will ;
Fancying you is what my mind does –
It makes me see you everywhere ,
You couldn’t see me though –
Infront of you I stood, yet you couldn’t see
Without me being there ,
I know you won’t even  miss me ;
For I wasn’t ever important to you ,
As you were to me ,
So it doesn’t matter anymore  ,
If you don’t remember me .


Something which cannot be measured ,
Beyond words it has its importance ,
Yet we seem to not trust it everytime ;
I may not have been sincere for all –
My sincerity towards you was purely honest ;
Yet you couldn’t believe it .


She stood up against him , his nuisance could no longer be tolerated .Eyeing and sizing her up for the past few days .
Without giving him any chance to react , she reached for his hand and placed the Mangalsutra there . He was stunned for , he had never seen anyone with the likes of her . “You like me so much right ?  Everyday you come here just to stare and stalk me till my lane . Well you don’t have to do that anymore , marry me ! Now .”

He knew he had to move out before she caused him any more trouble .



Was he her third ? May be fourth ,
This is almost a child’s play now ;
They come for her , they love her ;
But does she feel the same ?
May be not , cause no one can ever be him .

I don’t want to love you

You asked me, why I love you ?
I have no answer to that ,
Can’t really say that I haven’t searched
My mind for that .
With both of us being egoistic
And arguing most of the time ;
I know you don’t feel the same for me ,
Nor do I want to love you –
Can’t help it though , I see you every waking moment
When I close my eyes I see you smiling ,
Without you close to me I can feel your presence .
I’m not sure how to stop it –
I really don’t want to love you .


I promised to wait , with no knowledge
Of the time frame –
The time when you’ll answer ,to the questions
Of my curiosity ;
Unsure of the possibility ,I still promised
to wait for you –
But are you worth it , for such a long
Period as it seems .

Broken Forever

I’m doing this after a long time, sorry for the break guys.I missed you all. Here’s a short poem, which came to my mind oneday after I woke up from a nightmare.

I woke up to be left alone again,

YOu were now where to be seen,

I know things always didn’t side with me

Nor are they going to now-

But there was not even a single tear to shed

No more can you invade my heart, break it;

Its broken, broken forever, far beyond repair

And I’m not going to mend it for anyone else

There’s no need for anyone to break it again.

It’s not a toy to be broken again and again;

I put on the facet of a strong lady

But it really hurts bad inside and I can’t whimp;

Whining is not my style , so what do I do?

Stay broken forever.

Review: The Traveller Series

It’s the first time that I’m trying to put up a review on a collection of poems, so please cope up with me. 

Name of the book : The Traveller       Series

Author: Tiffany Teoh

Publishers: Royal James Publishing House

Rating:4 stars

Honestly I loved the way she composed her poems. Tiffany wrote her poems using metaphors wherever required, she put a lyrical rhythm to her poems with the help of rhyming words. In some of her poems I could see a wishful thinking for her to travel somewhere. I could see a glimpse of her waiting for someone and in one of the poems, it was quite evident that she wanted to travel with her beloved. Her poems consists of imagery and have created a vivid picture of her travels in my mind.