After a bickering and bantering session yesterday. I felt the need to ask him “Do you think what we are doing is healthy?” I sighed “I mean we argue most of the time”.

A smile made its way into his face “Both of us are stubborn individuals and we never did agree to go on head along with every decision?” he quirked a brow.

“No, we didn’t . May be this is normal for us.” I wondered before munching on the last of my biscuits.

“It is dear. Believe me”!

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On a bright summer evening, your eyes crossed mine,

Your smile so addictive, made me turn up my lips-

How did make my cold heart burn in fire?

Was it your care for me? Or subservient desire.

You knew I am an indifferent, yet you chose to laugh,

May be that was my undoing, the uncertainties melted away.

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