My old key ring

An old drawer may be a chest of treasure for someone or may be junk for the other. For me its the first one. Here I tried to present my thoughts about an old key ring which accidentally stuck my hand while searching through my drawer in the form of an ode.
   My old key ring
Searching through my drawer yesterday I found an old key ring,
More likely to belong to a ten year old
A mickey mouse is all it has got

Not that a very showy piece it was,
A grey plastic engraved mickey
Holding my key forever;

Holding it for a better look I thought , I used you for a long time,
Whenever I needed you,you were there
Just had to put you in the lock and turn

And you would open the door towards outwardly heaven,
You stayed with me longer than any other friend
Yet I couldn’t care for you.

One day while in a hurry I broke the lock and
Locked you in this drawer,
For years until today,

You still look like the mickey, I saw on
The first day, with that greyish look
Perhaps I can still change the key.

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