My trust


Quite easy to break, isn’t it
A simple word called trust?

We met in crossroads,  each struggling
Fighting for our careers,  being determined

It didn’t help,  when we stood so close;
I felt happy,  we could make it together

A dizzying wind passed through us I turned around to find you holding her,

Literally my heart wasn’t ripped apart,
But I could feel choking on my breath

I had been abused long ago,  this was more
My sanity seemed to leave me,

My body wasn’t hurt,  but you raped my mind
My soul got abused,  I didn’t know why

I thought it was an attraction
My part I fell for you pretty hard,

Lord help me,  if I hold my trust anymore
To you or to somebody else I don’t know

That day I couldn’t shed a single tear
You somebody for me,  you are a nobody now.

The Ribbon of love


In the nether world filled with creepy creatures he thought,  she would leave his side;  she was after all a puny human with no super power. Yet, she contradicted him   by standing beside him whenever needed ,  they were bound by the Ribbon of love after all,  which was enough to keep them together. 
Mama had known she would be my equal,  he thought. The queen faery binded them with this ribbon which they could neither tear break an invincible ribbon.

She was his wife according to human standards. She believed him when he said her father tried to assasinate Her and the faery lover took her away from her family. She may not have loved him but trusted him enough to rest her life in his hands.

Trust the first element of love.

Have faith in me


There were moments when I fought with my conscience. My past hadn’t been that great,  though I had loving parents yet there were some big mistakes which I made trusting my heart.  Now I don’t do that anymore.

But the way you kept on staring at me in the airport gave me goosebums in the good way.  My heart  fluttered,  yet I couldn’t trust my insticts. Then when you chose to start a conversation I thought why not open up to a stranger. We would both be moving to our separate ways later that day. So there was nothing to lose. Once we.started talking I poured out everything regarding my past evil deeds and you listened. It felt great not be judged for the first time,  not to be scrutinized.  I thought for a second that we could make out something,  then again you asked me about my latest residence.  But never in my dreams had I thought that you would look me up in the Social networking sites , that you would even consider thinking about me. 

Yet now we have moved on from strangers to lovers and now the parents of two lovely kids.  I had never hoped for so much.  The day we got married and I was about to face your parents I feared my worst,  you calmed me down ” Have faith in me ” you told. Till date I have that faith in you,  when you say “I can handle it “, I know you can,  I believe in you and perhaps always will.

Trust a building block for relationship

For any relationship to prolong the must trust each other same is the case for a romantic relationship.


While building a relationship it is always asked that both the partners should be true to each other and this can only bring trust in their lives. A little lie may lead to a heap of lies further breaking the relation. For a heart broken person its very difficult to overcome their lovelorn lives and trust someone else.
For them it is advised every person is not same, your new partner may not have the same likes and dislike as the older, there may be difference in their character so just try to keep an open mind for them. The ones who choose to be their partners should be prepared for every ball they throw in your because if you truly love them you’ll want to be with them forever. Your partner may turn hysterical at times or be suspicious in your conduct with your friends of opposite sex. Just make them understand that it is them who you love not your friend.
Love them a lot, never let them feel lonely. Best of luck.

Trust me

Trust is a word which turns out worthless in today’s world because there are few people whom we can trust except our parents I suppose.

A lonely girl
A lonely girl

Here is a small Acrostic that I composed last night.

Trust me

Aiden,  what do you wish to gain?

Trusting me will only give you pain,

A pain that you’ll endure for a lifetime.

Still I’ll waste no tear for you not a single dime.

Honey, never ever trust me,

Because in the end you’ll see-

I can’t trust thee;

Can never make myself care free.

With the number of heart breaks I had,

Gripping on me will probably make you sad,

I’m not someone you should know about

Increasing your curiosity will make you step out;

Step out of your haven and be isolated,

Think of the society that we created;

Filled with filthy people and their animosity,

Which can be dealt with an equal atrocity.

Can you make me feel safe?

Enough,  so that I can you till I reach my grave-

Tell you that I’m the one for you,

And you reply me with an “I love you too”.