River and the tree

Flowing peacefully and maintaining

it’s smooth pace,

Never does the river stop to greet

Only during fall, it trials down lightly,

Moving in a slow pace it notices the tree.

The one and only who waits for her every year,

The tree can do nothing but watch her flow,

He is patient, he knows her route

recounting each story –

The memories of storms and rolling rocks,

she collects through the year,

As the dry winter passes away,

Her undercurrents get fiercer

The river turns unstable again,

But the tree manages to stay there for her.


Our mind is most often preoccupied with things and it becomes quite difficult for us to find the solutions. We may be familiar to the problem but answer reaches us lately.


I passed this tree numerous times,

But today the weather is foggy;

The path is not much clear today-

I do have to find a way

Need to keep my patience to see the path clearly

That’s the only way to reach the goal.

Now the fog seems to have cleared a little

Need to move soon

Otherwise the fog will cover the road again;

And I’ll be stranded here forever.