Water is very essential for everyone and I believe all of you know how worthy it is. Below I .have attached a haiku on water composed by me.It’s just a trial and. I don’t know how much successful I am

It sparkles like a diamond,

Water? Yes thats what I’m talking about-

More worthy than a diamond.

Drop of water
Drop of water

Water in my country is rarely found in some of the villages of rajasthan. Even in some big cities people need to buy water due to lack of clean drinking water. In Rajasthan the government has made a fine project of sending water to the interior villages through trains.There are possibly two such trains now but the number is likely to increase in the recent times.I have something important to say to those people who misuse water.YOU have a precious gift of nature dont waste it,otherwise someday your tears will be wasted for it.

14 thoughts on “Water

      1. Today’s best joke!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Now, you have started to tease me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        No problem some day, I too will take revenge of it, my most loveliest, innocent, purest and obedient student………………
        Wishing you all the best…………………..


      2. Now a days, MADAM seems in very light and good mood; so, every now and then mocks on this poor creature; any way, if you are getting happiness, joy by doing this, I willn’t mind it, MADAMJI………….


  1. Love this poem. It reminds me of the blessings we have as Canadians as it is abundant in Canada, our lands sparkle with its splendor. How quickly we forget how fortunate we are. Sad.


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