Our mind is most often preoccupied with things and it becomes quite difficult for us to find the solutions. We may be familiar to the problem but answer reaches us lately.


I passed this tree numerous times,

But today the weather is foggy;

The path is not much clear today-

I do have to find a way

Need to keep my patience to see the path clearly

That’s the only way to reach the goal.

Now the fog seems to have cleared a little

Need to move soon

Otherwise the fog will cover the road again;

And I’ll be stranded here forever.

Travelling and Eating


I don’t know how often I travel

Exploring some secrets left behind to unravel,

May be a hidden necklace or a priest’s stake-

Comparable to the knife I used to cut my cake.

Travelling for me is an adventure,

Fun and frolic gets when passed through a joint venture.

 This much for a limerick. Travelling is something which I suppose most of us enjoy except for those who are sick, the sickness may range from homesick, cant the TV soap sick, lazy sick to real sickness. One thing that I can say for myself is I love travelling to wherever it might be anywhere in the world, just include a few medicines for me if the temperature is unbearable.

In India the commons mostly travel by train, thanks to the services of the Indian Railways people most of the time carry their own food, which is often puri sabji for a North Indian. Now may be thinking why am I discussing food out here instead of simply concluding after finishing the limerick, I must remind you of my promise I told you this month my posts will be based on Indian food items. Today I’m going to talk, rather discuss about this item called Puri and its importance in India’s culture.

Puri and Kheer
Puri and Kheer

   It history is unknown. So I’ll directly start with the ingredients which are flour, water, salt and oil or ghee. A  dough is prepared using the flour(maida), salt and water; little balls are prepared from that ,then the balls are rolled out and cut into small circles. These are deep fried in oil or ghee. Some of them may include cumin seeds in the dough, another variety of puri is bhatoora which is much larger in size than the puri and is prepared from a different flour. The puri used in pani puri is much crispier. Puri is often accompanied with a potato curry, sometimes it may be chola otherwise a simple curry. It can also be served with desserts like Halwa, Kheer, Suji etc.

Puri is occasionally served during pujas, marriage or any other special occasion, including travelling. Because of its crispy nature it remains intact for a long time and can be eaten even after a day of its preparation.