Poetry time Friday #1


Well this one was for a surprise. From now onwards, Fridays would be days for poetry discussion.
I am not a critique which is known to all of you. But what I’ll really do here is try to pick out a few characteristics of the poem and try to discuss it with you.
People nowadays are more prone to reading prose than poetry( one of them being myself ). So

due to that writers even if they have a talent in writing poetry they choose prose instead of that only a few brave soldiers try their mighty pens in poetry.

In this poetry section I’ll try to cover up collections of poems ( only in languages which I can understand ).
Today I chose to discuss the poem At Last by Elizabeth Akers Allen.


I can’t say that I’ve read this poem a lot but I did read it twice because it was worth noticing. Though I’m not much fond of poetry,  yet this one found a connection to my heart.Perhaps the words used here were understandable. I must say that I dont have a huge collection of vocabulary and whenever I’m studying a piece if I have to look up the dictionary within break of 10 seconds, then I prefer to study something else instead of that.

About the poem:
The rhyme and rhythm of the poem brings a lyrical sense to it. It starts with brightness, optimism when the lovers are finally united. Though they have grown old still they loved each other and nothing could stop them from being united. There is a popular belief where it is said that if you truly love someone then not even time can set you apart and this belief has been reflected in this poem.
In a romantic sense the lovers as always unite at the end, no matter how much pain they have to endure. Otherwise that’s not the end of the story and the story would be more of a love story than of romance genre,well in this case its a poem.
REMEMBER its a discussion and
A discussion is never one sided. So I would like my readers to focus on points which I haven’t discussed here and also counteract my thoughts if you want.

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