7 ways to show her your love

Don’t know whether she will accept this or not. Can’t she at least tell me that she needs a gift

For those who have their attitude pitched up like this. Be ready to keep your status single for a lifetime because if you want someone to love you, you’ll have to love her back. And just saying I love you sometimes doesn’t help your relationship. For that you’ll have to work a little harder. I know that you cannot read her mind and neither you are a fantasy hero where the prince charming sweeped the princess off her feet and kissed her right there.It’s real life where we deal with Real people and their emotions. IF a girl loves a boy then she makes way for her into her life and same is the case with a boy. But the way you do it for her and she does it for affects your relationship in a positive or negative way. For a relationship to last long you have to do a few things her way and she has to a few things your way.
Here I have provided 7 ways through which you can make her feel your love:
1. Surprise –Try to surprise your love interest whenever possible. Girls love surprises and it helps in keeping your relationship evergreen.


2.Make her a part of your life – Try to include her in your regular activities or other miscellaneous ones. Make her a part of your adventures, parties as well as grievance. Don’t just shut her otherwise your relationship may fall a victim to her wrath.

3.Be with her – There may be a situation when she says that she doesn’t want you or need you,  then dont leave her just like that to fight her battle alone.Give her the most needed push and then you’ll see the way she blows you out,  but she’ll surely share the issue with you and if all this doesn’t work then allot her some time when she can think clearly.  Don’t forget that she loves you and you felt it too.


4. Spend your time with her- Try to spend as much as possible time with her.You may shower with expensive gifts but that would be incomparable to the time you share with her.

5.Always respond to her- If you couldn’t check her on time, then at least make an effort to contact her as soon as possible. This will make her feel the way you are concerned for her.

6.Faith – Trust, believe,  faith, love these are interrelated words .All these values are very important for any relationship. If any of these is lost then your relationship may also take the route to he’ll.

7. Finally I would say love her as much as you want. Love can never be measured. So don’t love her more or less just love her forever.

These advices or methods whatever you call them can be followed only to a certain extent.Its not necessary for you to go through all of them at once. She might simply be happy with a little surprise or just by feeling your trust for her or might not be happy at all. Those who are never happy should be left aside in the long run. Well the most important and least expensive thing that you can do is try to be happy so that she’ll be happy. My friends and followers this is my first post after the blogs reformation I would definitely like to hear from you about this post.

7 thoughts on “7 ways to show her your love

    1. May be but the 3 sacred words of love has degraded its value. The funniest even facebook has turned into dating site where u can an I love u from a complete stranger. People now have lost the ability to look past beauty.

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  1. Meloheart;
    Wow, wonderful,hilarious,amazing,fantastic and fabulous are few words came in my mind when I visited your this new birth or re-birth,
    So,now, my dearest friend has started to venture in new avenues.
    Good, keep it up, there is nothing wrong to travel new and untraveled path, ultimate aim of life should be to do what we like to do……………….
    Your advise are too good and in spite of being it your first post you have treated subject like a expert, sometimes, experience comes to aid, isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “5.Always respond to her- If you couldn’t check her on time, then at least make an effort to contact her as soon as possible. This will make her feel the way you are concerned for her”.

    As per your wish, today, I have visited your blog, given you feed back, now are you happy??????????????
    I concerned a lot about my dearest friend but as you mention when you don’t have time at least respond her as soon as possible.
    Sorry for delay.
    Wishing you all the best………………


    1. Whenever you visit my blog Im very happy its not only because of your comments. Though i like all of them but your presence in my blog makes it better. I had been thinking something for a while can you write a guest post for my blog . I know you write posts based on quotes. And through years there has been quotes on romanicism ,so if you could please write a guest post for my blog I would be very thankful to u


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