7 things to be kept on mind for your first date?

Your behavior on the first date helps in deciding the span of your relationship. If you behave remarkably well then the first may turn into second -third and many more dates. But if you tried something abusive then your first date may turn into a horrid dream .And this is not only about dates because our behavior showcases our character wherever we go. Since the first impression is the last impression so we would obviously want to be on our best on our first date.
Below I’ve mentioned a few things for girls to keep in mind on their first date. Before getting into that I must mention that the advises given here are for people looking forward to serious relationships not casual hookups.
1.Dressing – Your dressing style says a lot about your character. So for the first date you wear something which is not too revealing, yet elegant because girl you are going for a date, not to get laid. Let your hair be done by some stylist or if you can do it on your own its well and good.

2.Talk Casual – Keep the conversation mostly into topics of your comfort zone. That would help you maintain pace with him, otherwise you would have to sit there like a bimbo. I don’t think you would want him doubting your intellect.

3.Don’t be a braggart –Don’t be all I , me and myself. Allow him to speak,  try to know his likes and dislikes this will make him think that you generously care for him.

4.Kissing -Kissing the love partner has turned into a tradition of the society but you,  will not let him do that. I try to maintain a 3-dates rule, some of us may have 2-dates but don’t and I mean Don’t let him kiss you on the first date. This will make him feel that you are too easy.


5.Dont be too cold –You might be thinking that should I let him hold me or not? My answer to this is yes let him hold your hand. Otherwise he may feel you’re too cold which is not good either.


6.Bills – You’re On a date and you don’t eat anything that’s quite rare.

So, when you’re done munching your favorite items, don’t go all feminist and pay the bill. If you do that you’ll shoot straight through his male ego and we don’t want that happening do we? So let him pay the first and then you can give him a treat on your second or third date, of course if you continue,  that is.

7. Farewell. –Now,  be a good girl and let him drop you to your home. If he is a gentleman he’ll surely do that and not leave you standing there outside the restaurant or diner or wherever you went. And as a reward of his gentlemanly behavior you may give him a peck on the cheek.