Romantic nature


A bench may remind us of a lot of things. IT may hold a few memories.  A couple sitting on a bench watching the sunset or sunrise. They may be young or old but they sit here holding each others hand.

Trust a building block for relationship

For any relationship to prolong the must trust each other same is the case for a romantic relationship.


While building a relationship it is always asked that both the partners should be true to each other and this can only bring trust in their lives. A little lie may lead to a heap of lies further breaking the relation. For a heart broken person its very difficult to overcome their lovelorn lives and trust someone else.
For them it is advised every person is not same, your new partner may not have the same likes and dislike as the older, there may be difference in their character so just try to keep an open mind for them. The ones who choose to be their partners should be prepared for every ball they throw in your because if you truly love them you’ll want to be with them forever. Your partner may turn hysterical at times or be suspicious in your conduct with your friends of opposite sex. Just make them understand that it is them who you love not your friend.
Love them a lot, never let them feel lonely. Best of luck.

Friendship not romance

What do we say when a boy and girl are seen laughing together. ” They must be having an affair ”  , ” look how flirty”, ” how can they be so audious ” etc etc.  I don’t understand why they can’t take it as mere friendship.


Two people who like being in each other’s company do need to be in love.  They can be friends who support each other and who correct us when need be.
Love is something different. Yes we are always friends with our love interest and they can make us happy with a smile or simple conversation . But with friends its different its the brotherly love with them. Our friends might be handsome but they won’t hold candle to your love interest.  And I think even the boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn’t be jealous of the fact that their partner has got a friend of the opposite gender.

Poetry Time Friday #4

Today the poem that we will be discussing here was written by Robert Browning. Browning was born in Walwarth in the parish of Camberwell Surrey,  South London.  He was from a very wealthy family and his father had huge collection of books in his personal library, so it can be said that he had
significant literary resources.
Robert’s inspiration for romantic poems was his wife Elizabeth B. Browning. She was a poet herself.  She had written a great deal of romantic poems herself and was also the composer of Aurora Leigh. She was six years his senior yet their love lasted for lifetime. 
The Meeting at Night was written by Robert Browning while courting Elizabeth in 1845 and later they eloped in 1846 because her father was against their marriage.


The poem is very colorful and it also consists of imageries. When the poet speaks of Grey Sea,  Black Land or yellow half moon he is motioning us towards a colorful landscape.  ” Miles of warm sea scented beach ” or “fiery ringlets from their sleep ” are imageries.  The poem also consists of a rhyming scheme of abccba. Check out the last word of first and last line of any stanza and then the last word of second and fifth line, finally that of third and fourth line. All these words rhyme with each other.
In the first stanza the poet describes the landscape near a beach on a half moon night and the way the waves leap at each other helps his ship to reach his destination faster.
In the second stanza he explained the way he crossed the beach and fields to reach his lover’s farm. After having reached there he lightly tapped on her window pane and then may be she heard him because he immediately heard a screeching sound. Then a lamp was lit with a match stick.
There was silence everywhere. Though meeting his lover brought him some joy,  he was afraid,  perhaps of being watched by someone. But the fear couldn’t hold its place because they were too much happy to meet each other finally.

Do we really know what is love?

I should confess in the beginning that I’m still not sure what is love. I can’t define it.

Woman in love

Below I’ll mention an incident which might clarify our doubt a little:
It has been three years since my break up with him and until  yesterday it was difficult for me to keep his thoughts aside. We were friends from kindergarten to high school and then our relationship changed to a higher level. He proposed me and because I had a crush on him I accept with eagerness. We were teenagers,  trying to fit ourselves into the real world and dealing with all the other problems proved to be a feat. One day he simply stopped talking , I called,  sent him messages but he didn’t reply. This I did for almost two weeks and then I left hope. 
From that day onwards I decided never to cry for a man,  they don’t deserve it. Career was the only thing I focussed on and well had to two or three casual relationships , which would last for a week or so but nothing serious.  But fate has its own plans.  Last year I met a guy and we have been friends since.  He proposed four back and I accepted informing him that I don’t believe in love and I’m just infatuated. I have been reminding him the same thing since that day.  He is a man of action.  A generous,  wise and intellectual person.  Showers me with loads of love. It was difficult for me not fall for him.  I have a heart which was shielded and he made me unveil that for me. Yesterday I was talking with him when I received a message. I asked him to hold , he did that while I checked the message,  it was from my ex greeting me a good evening in his old friendly tone.  I replied him back with as much enthusiasm as possible and wished him good luck for future.  I don’t know how I was able to do that.  Once whom I thought looked like a Greek God now he seemed more a lanky person with color gone from his skin and for whom I cried so much so that my eyes would be puffy in the morning,  I couldn’t say him anything.  I just felt that my soul was left free to roam again.  And then realized whatever I thought as love was never love it was a mere infatuation and the only reason I could forgive him is because I never loved him and have nothing against him.

Love gives us many lessons in life and this was one such example.  If you have any real life incident as this please feel free to share.  I’ll be waiting 💚💚💚

Interesting characters of some popular novels 2

Those who read my last post must know by now that today’s novel will be a Bengali novel,  written by revolutionary author Sarat Chandra Chatterjee.  The novel is Parineeta which means previously married.  Those who are familiar with Indian movies , this name must be ringing a bell in their ears.


For those who are not familiar with the story I’ll provide a short summary:

The novel begins with Gurucharan a bank clark,  getting the news of the birth of his fifth daughter. A few days later he brings his niece Lalita , a 13 year old orphan home.  She slowly adjusts with her new surrounding. She is best friend of Charubala . Gurucharan’s neighbor is Mr.Nabin Roy and family,  who are wealthy and the family head is a wicked man,  always deceiving poor people whom he lends money with high interest. His youngest son Shekhar takes an instant liking to Lalita after she arrives.  Now the specificity of the novel’s name comes to light when Lalita,  Charu , Shekhar were playing childish game with dolls and they get married. All of this being part of the game they didn’t mind.  As the story develops so does Shekhar’s love for Lalita. In the meantime a new character is introduced in the story Girin who is Charubala’s uncle and her mother’s young cousin. He’s nearly Shekhar’s age. A very helpful person,  he helps Gurucharan turn into a Brahmo so that he doesn’t have to pay dowries for daughters. Shekhar was out of town for a few when Lalita’s marriage with Girin is fixed, after returning he learns of that but doesn’t ask her anything.  They don’t see each other for many days. Both Gurucharan and Nabin Roy are dead .Shekhar feels Lalita is married but story later is revealed when Girin says Shekhar that he already knew of the marriage, she had told him everything and you cannot marry an already married woman, as was the custom those days.  Shekhar told his mother the entire story and the lady who had always adored Lalita like her said daughter is happy to have her at home.

Now lets begin our discussion about the characters:
She was thirteen at the beginning of the novel gradually she grows up. She’s beautiful,  a little outspoken lady. Adored by everyone..Shekhar’s mother asks her to call her Ma. She is optimistic, that was she chose to tell the truth about her and Shekhar’s marriage to Girin.

Shekhar – He is the protagonist and  youngest son of Nabin Roy, though the eldest is mentioned only by name. He is twenty five years old and has a master degree. He works as a teacher. He is deeply in love with Lalita . He is an obedient son , a faithful friend.  He wants to marry Lalita but is restrained by social customs and his father.

Girin – He is another important character of the story. It is because of him that story turns into a love triangle at times. He is a university student and as earlier mentioned the uncle of Charu.  He is a Brahmo and convinces Gurucharan to be a Brahmo as well,  so that during his daughters marriages he is spared from paying large dowries.  He is a wise person and thinks about social good.

This was all for today’s character discussion. For next week I was wondering if we could discuss on “Outsider” but then it came to my mind that ” Jane Eyre” is not bad either.  So which one do you think should we put on the shelf next week?

Poetry Time Friday #3

First of all I would like you people to forgive me because its the 2nd time it happened. I should have published it yesterday but due to a circumstances I couldn’t do so. I can’t promise it won’t happen,  that would be a lie. So I’ll hope you,  my friends will bear with it.

The poem that we will discuss today is called CLENCHED Soul. It was written by a famous Chilean poet who was a communist. This is quite rarely seen,  A romantic national hero. I suppose you would want to know a little more about him, let me give you a short tour of his heroic life.
Our poet of the day is Pablo Neruda. Did the shock wear off? Lets start with his birthday. He was born in July 12 , 1904 , which would be tomorrow. You can witness it being celebrated by his literary fans. His real name was Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto but he changed it to Pablo Neruda to avoid being caught by his father for writing poems. A Czech poet Jan Neruda inspired him from whom he took his last name.
He first published poems at the age of 13. His father was opposed to his son’s interest in writing,  nevertheless his teachers always encouraged him to write.
As he grew up the political scenario in Latin America changed and he turned to a Communist who fought for world unity and peace,  persecuted in his country and forced to exile. 
Now we should know about the person who inspired him to write poems on love. She was his second wife and lover till his last breath Matilda Urrutia.  They met in Santiago in 1946, when she was working as a physical therapist in Chile. She was the muse for Los Versos del Capitan in 1951. They didn’t get married immediately because of various reasons so to hide their relationship from the Chilean people he built her a house called La Chascona in Santiago.  Later they got married,  through time and time again they had to fight to maintain a stable relationship. They had trust on each other and this helped them survive.


Time to discuss about the poem. Here the poet is speaking about his lover at different time and space. In the first stanza he says that they lost a chance of fleeing that twilight. They could elope,  the situation was in their side,  they walked hand -in-hand and no one saw them.
In the third , fourth and fifth stanza he says the fiesta of sunset in mountain tops reminded him of his lover.  It pained him so much that his skin felt like burning under the sun.

In the next stanza he wants to know that during those lonely where had his lover gone, he wants to know who or what held her interest so much that she couldn’t spare sometime for him.  Where was she when he needed her the most. He had been left all alone to cope with sad memories.


The last two stanzas were little difficult for me to understand,  but somehow I did manage . When he says the book fell that always closed at twilight,  he used the book as a metaphor. The book is his mind. When he had opened  it for her to see she couldn’t see past it.  After the time is over he closes it forever watching her from far away.
This thing happens in real life when we miss an opportunity then we’re left only with one option watch it from far.
Since its a discussion so I would everyone to participate , share your views through comments and if I made any mistake please correct it.

Interesting Characters of some popular Romance Novels

This month we will be discussing a few interesting characters of some popular romance novels. I will be a little blunt and say that discussion will be based on a n average of three characters, with the leading being a regular and one or two other characters. Today I have chosen to speak forth about a novel which had stirred the masses during the age of enlightenment and Voltaire. In those days it was considered immoral and immodest for a woman to be an author , so our Miss Austen published her anonymously. I think you would be a little intrigued by the Author. Here’s a brief bio:


Born in 16 December 1775 in England she chose write novels based on Romantic fiction which was set among the landed gentry of England. Her novels were mostly based on realism, social commentary. Pride and Prejudice is one of her most popular works and others include Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Persuasion etc. For further details about her you can check here.

Pride and prejudice deals with Mr and Mrs Bennet who have five unmarried children and Mrs. Bennet tries her best to get all of them married. Her daughters try to woo Mr. Bingley , who is a wealthy man and rents Netherfield Park near Longbourn. Mr.Darcy is his suspicious and status conscious friend . Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth or Lizzie as she is lovingly are the leading characters . So today we will be discussing about Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth and her mother, Mrs. Bennet.


Elizabeth Bennet

She has been shown as a witty, attractive, judgmental young woman. Throughout the novel she had to deal with manners, upbringing, morality, education, marriage during the British regency. She is quite spoken unlike most most women of that period.She is shown to be close to her father, her elder sister Jane , her aunt Mrs. Gardiner and her best friend Charlotte Lucas. She is the Prejudice in the novel. Her and Mr. Darcy’s relationship hadn’t been very warm at the beginning but slowly as the story progresses they overcome their faux pas and surrender to their love for each other.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

He is the male protagonist of the novel. He is shown to be a very wealthy man and owns the family estate of Pemberley. He has a shy sister Georgiana Darcy.He is handsome, tall , intelligent but lacks social ease. He is concerned of his status. Mrs. Bennet doesn’t like him because of his haughty nature, though he is not that yet he imposes it on others. He is greatly valued among friends. He is the epitome of pride in the novel.At last he overcomes his differences with Lizzie and falls in love with each other.

Mrs. Bennet

Her character is very interesting, she is a mother of five daughters and she wants all of them married to wealthy men. She is not concerned much of her daughters wishes. She is easily excitable, a narrow minded woman. She imagines herself susceptible to attacks of tremor, palpitation when she is displeased. Her favorite daughter is Lydia.

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s story is considered one of the best probably because they were not into each other at the beginning but gradually fell for it. Those are reading this post now are warmly welcome to critique it and add your own points. And I would also like to tell you that the next novel that we will be dealing with is a Bengali novel, written by a famous author and its called, keep guessing until next week.

Poetry Time Friday# 2

Today we are going to discuss the poem A Thing Of Beauty by John Keats. Keats was a romantic poet,  his poems were based on romance. A Thing Of Beauty is a poem from Endymion. To understand the poets thoughts in this poem we should first know about his life. Keats was a romantic person in nature and his love interest had been Fanny Brawn. If you think they had a happily ever after thing then you’re wrong. Though they got engaged but marriage was not possible because Keats died too early of Tuberculosis and a few years later Fanny got married  and latter Keats’s letters to Fanny were published. image In this poem the poet tries to bring out the beauty in everything. We do know beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer so if a thing is beautiful for us,  it may not be beautiful for others. But there is beauty everywhere waiting to be discovered. When he says

A thing of beauty is joy forever


he means it’s eternal beauty. A beautiful always provides comfort to Our eyes and a horrid thing may turn us sick. Friends I told you how much I could. Keats was a great poet and discussing his poems is just like breaking ones own heads. So if you have anything to say regarding this pass on your comments.