‘Serious Relationship ‘ is it that important?

During our teenage years infatuation, lust plays an important role in moulding our thoughts. At that period of time a mere lust or infatuation for the opposite sex is thought to be love. We tend to spend more and more time with the person we are supposed to be in love. So, particularly the teens who maintain relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend lose their concentration in anything else except their relation. And after a few days of moving around they need to get a break,  probably because they are fickle minded and thought about the same thing day in and out. Getting a break or ‘break up ‘ as it is called may result in deterioration of studies,  loneliness due to their ideology in cutting off their parents and friends from the present situation.

They let a few days or weeks or months go by and then move out in search of another love interest. After getting a new partner showing off takes a few days and if by chance their ex-partners come to know of this situation they tend to find a better girlfriend or boyfriend,  in some cases for girls they spend their days weeping. Gradually changing partners becomes a tend and the situation gets so worse that they feel suffocated if they don’t change their partner within a week or so. Turning into a series of relationship.
Finally when they grow older and are asked to marry they hesitate  due to their doubt in their doubt in themselves

Will I be able to love her

or vice-versa in case of girls.

Until and unless someone is in a serious relationship they don’t understand its value. You may have a family and lots of friends but you cannot share all your feelings with them.


With your partners you can share whatever you feel and you always find them by your side when you need them. May be not exactly at the moment but they do try to reach you whenever possible. Being able to talk to someone in a pensive state can be of much relief. Though serious relations have their own problems like taking up responsibilities,  sharing the workload etc,  yet in those days you’ll enjoy being with them.In the midst of all the dangers,  trying to possess her,  she feels protected by him. How do you think does this feeling arise?  Its because of your closeness or the connection of your mind with her. You may feel like being in hell,  yet when you open your eyes and look at her you’ll find an easiness within you, gradually all the problems fading away. That’s all you would want in a lifetime. You might be a billionaire but if you don’t have anyone standing for you in the doorway,  in the long run you wouldn’t want all that money. Would you?  You would still want someone you can grow old with.
Do you still want casual relationships?