Book Review: Falling In Love Again(Stories of Love And Romance)

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Book- Falling in love again

Author: Ruskin Bond

Published by: Rupa Publications Pvt. Ltd, India

Rating: 4 stars

To begin with the title and cover page of the book really caught my eyes. The myriad of butterflies and flowers were best elements to describe whatever has been published throughout. Variations of romance and love has been presented in the book – fleeting, intimate, joyous, heartbreaking.

Starting with ‘The Eyes Have It’ , which is one of the classics of Ruskin Bond, the contents of the stories seem to gradually grow along with the author. In the first story , the author is a young adult , where he meets a girl somewhere in a passing station. There are few extracts of his popular stories ‘ The room on the roof’ and ‘Delhi is not far’. Also romantic little poems have been included in the chapter ‘ Love Lyrics for Binya Devi’.

The writing pattern is as usual captivating, written in a simple yet elegant way. Bond’s love for the hills of Himachal and towns where he lived have been overly mentioned in the stories. Most of them include a part where he is travelling to or from the hills.

I would recommend the book specially to those Romance Genre lovers who are travelling, makes up for a good read during the journey. It is almost like you can living the story.

Don’t love me anymore

A sweet,  cute love story,
Must come to an end –

You have been the perfect gentleman, 
Charmed your way through and got my heart

Yet you didn’t see the hole;
The lagging heart beat, you didn’t hear.

Now,  my dear I ask you
Leave me hear and move on,

I can never give you much,
Nor the happiness you deserve.

I’m weak,  but not a tear will I shed While I let you go,

Darling, you were never my choice of love
For you I had only revenge secured,

Like sweet nectar your love enchanted me
Blissful I was,  when I realized my mistake,

So I beg you forget me;
No,  I cannot face you,  not anymore

I  do love you now, but you
Please don’t love me anymore.