Review: A space between worlds Vol1: Conception

First of all I would like to say that reviewing this piece took most of my energy. From what I have gathered the author JD Woodson must be a little philosophical person. For a debut work he did a great job.


Name: A Space Between Worlds Vol.1
Author: J.D.Woodson
Publisher: Royal James Publishing House
Rate: 4stars

The story opens with the nameless trio, a man, a hollow female and a frail girl with an empty expression. Then the story opens with the songstress Shanti getting ready for her performance. As the story progresses we get a vivid idea that the songstress loves being in the light unconsciously, though her hideous facial scar keeps her in the darkness throughout time.
Chandra the songstresses’ assistant gives her company whenever possible.
There’s another character in the novel, Reno a simple florist he tries to help Shanti.
The story takes a new pattern, just as Avidia enters the scene. He is a person full of light. He is the one person who can bring out the light from Shanti and he does it very efficiently. The story does take a few romantic turns at moments.
Overall its a very philosophical book. The author has used words and created a wonderful plot.

The book should be read by debut authors and even by readers who prefer space saga. I can assure you this book is quite different from the others of the same genre.

8 thoughts on “Review: A space between worlds Vol1: Conception

  1. A Space Between Worlds is probably one of the most exhausting, uplifting, stretching my mind and emotions books I’ve read in a long time. In a world of very bland new publishing this is an amazing debut novel by a new young author. I loved it.

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