An Interview with JD Woodson

My dear Adams and Eves I think its a long time I published any interviews. Today I’m going to present an interview with novelist JD Woodson. A very generous person, philosophical, intellectual in nature.

Here are the questions that I asked.

1.Is “A space between worlds Vol.1” your debut novel?

Yes, A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception is my literary debut. Though I did ghostwrite another work, this novel is technically my first.

2.Which character do you like the most from this novel and why?

This is a tough one to answer. I adore each of my characters and try my best to treat them equally since each of them have a pivotal role in the narrative. Let’s see, dismissing Shanti and Reno, the lead protagonists, I’ll have to say between Chandra or Avidia would be my favorite. In this novel, I didn’t have the opportunity to truly develop their character due to the conditions their roles gave them. Both of them are equally mysterious and appeared only as catalysts to Shanti and Reno’s current predicament. I had fun trying to cover up their true intentions which I can say aren’t wholly different from each other. You can say they are symbiotic much like the rest of the characters; everyone seems to be grouped in pairs.

3.Which genre books do you love reading and why?
I don’t have a particular genre I gravitate to. Although, I do read a large sum of Contemporary and Speculative Fiction. It’ll surprise you that I didn’t say Fantasy even though I’m an author of the genre. Speculative Fiction is like a chimera; parts and pieces of ideas and techniques taken from all other genre fiction, stitched together seamlessly to convey stories irregular. Each genre has their strengths depending on both interest and what an author wants to convey but since I’m really mulling it over, I’ll have to say Speculative is what I like reading the most. 

4.Where did you get the inspiration to write this story?

Hmm. The inspiration came from a number of places but the main two were the struggles within myself and the loss of two I hold dear. The themes of the novel explore the idea of introspection, identity, cycles, life, death, regret and reincarnation. Many people didn’t have an opportunity to discover who they are but they mold themselves in what the outside world intended them to be. For myself, I wore a mask that wasn’t my own in order to keep someone who departed memories alive. So the basis of the novel was molded by that along with a promise I made to a dear friend of mine who took her own life. She always loved my writing, even when I felt it was terrible. She made me promise her that I’d never give up writing and on that promise and her loss, A Space Between Worlds was born. If you look at all of themes I listed, it can give you an idea of what I wanted to convey. The characters are fragmented reflections of myself, what I used to feel and think.  
5.As a debut novelist how do you think are the sales rate of your novel?

Really, I’m not so sure yet. A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception doesn’t go on sale until tomorrow. But I’d like to think it’ll sale nicely. Those who read it so far enjoyed the story, others are interested as far as I can tell. Truthfully speaking, as a debut novelist it’s pretty difficult to expect phenomenal sales. Average readers mainly stick to the names they know, very few are adventurous to branch out and read a novel by someone they have never heard of. It truly depends on both the publisher and author to cultivate an audience for a particular work. For myself, I’m going to focus on being consistent and enhance my techniques with every work I put out there. My publisher trusts in me and my work; I trust them.      
6.Name a few of your favorite books.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami

Kafka On the Shore by Haruki Murakami 

Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow

7.Who or what inspired you to become a writer?

That’s a really good question. Hmm, it was natural for me. I started writing when I was around five-years-old; poetry in fact. I guess I gained it from my family. The Woodson family has a lot of writers in the bloodline, I suppose I inherited the talent and will to write from my blood. Aside from this, writing was the only thing I felt I can ;could be truthful to myself. Whatever I wrote, I felt. 

8.Are you planning to bring out a collection of poetry in the near future?

Wow, this is a consistent question I’m asked. Would you want to read one? I haven’t written standalone poetry in over three years since I stayed focus on writing A Space Between Worlds. Hmm, down the line, I’d like to. Poetry is my first love when it comes to writing. I managed to integrate it with my storytelling, however, it does deserve a concentrated effort again. I’ll talk with my publisher to see how they feel. I still have quite a number of novels to write for them.
9.Would you like to give a piece of advice for other debut writers?

I wish there was a universal phrase that I can use but it’s going to be a vastly different experience from writer to writer. Publishing may seem to be the end all be all, however, there is much more to it than that. Whether traditional, self-published, or not published, a writer needs to be confident in themselves and their work. No matter how long it takes, finish your expression. Be consistent in evolving your technique, maturing your voice. Any sort of creative expression requires dedication and diligence. The result of your work depends on you and only you. It’s going to be hard majority of the time, painful. But the accomplishment you feel, the serenity you gain; it’s enrapturing. If you get rejected by an agent or publisher, dust yourself off, refine your skills, and try again. Keep trying until it’s right for you and especially right for you future readers. Oh! Don’t forget to read. Reading for writers is like sunlight to plants. 
10. What are you working on these days? Can we expect any other surprises during?

Well, I’m working on the next entry of the A Space Between Worlds series which you should expect to be out around this time next year. I can only say volume two will mark the end of the current arc. It’ll pick up right after the end of Conception. The tone of the novel is going to shift into a darker direction, on Reno’s side at least. As for any other surprises, I can’t say. It’ll differently spoil things. Some characters will be returning, others will be new. What can you expect in the new worlds? Recollection. 

Thank you so much Josh for agreeing with the interview.  I hope you have a bright and successful future ahead.

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