My trust


Quite easy to break, isn’t it
A simple word called trust?

We met in crossroads,  each struggling
Fighting for our careers,  being determined

It didn’t help,  when we stood so close;
I felt happy,  we could make it together

A dizzying wind passed through us I turned around to find you holding her,

Literally my heart wasn’t ripped apart,
But I could feel choking on my breath

I had been abused long ago,  this was more
My sanity seemed to leave me,

My body wasn’t hurt,  but you raped my mind
My soul got abused,  I didn’t know why

I thought it was an attraction
My part I fell for you pretty hard,

Lord help me,  if I hold my trust anymore
To you or to somebody else I don’t know

That day I couldn’t shed a single tear
You somebody for me,  you are a nobody now.

A dilemma

Life seems to be unjust sometimes. These days it has brought upon me such a dilemma , the anxiety of which has led me to spend the past fortnight with sleeplessness. That’s the reason why I called upon Sooraiya my best friend. Well if you are thinking that she’s some sort of mind counsellor and stuff,  then… you are totally wrong. She’s a dietician,  but the only person in my life who will hear me out without any judgement.
I think I can hear the doorbell ring she’s here then.


” Ah Soo come in “, as always she has a perfect smile tucked on her lips. With a figure and face so model perfect she could make very well pose as cover girl for fashion magazines.
” So what have been upto “, she asked me placing her purse on the table , sprawling on my sofa.  ” Don’t tell me It’s unlady-like “, she warned me,  is my grumpiness that obviously I twirked my brow.
“Seat as you wish and before I begin with my dilemma, let me get us some tea “, I went over to the kitchen while she flipped through the pages of OUTLOOK.

” Now tell me what’s been bothering you for so long? ” she asked in between her sips.

I don’t know how to answer this, its the one million dollar question I’ve been asking myself “ Well..’s my neighbor “, I answered staring blankly at her.

” What about him “? She asked while munching on a Pakora .
” It’s only a month that I shifted here and within these few days I feel so close to him,  no don’t interrupt “, I warned her before she could start her interrogation regarding the guy.

” I know it’s not infatuation nor lust,  I just feel strongly for him “, I sighed.
” Are you having second thoughts on Rishabh “? she asked me, a look of anxiety washed over her face.
“Yes “. She didn’t look surprised with my answer ” For how long “?

” From the day we first met “.
She started to chuckle “I knew it,  that guy wasn’t much good for you anyways “.
I couldn’t contradict her,  she was right. ” So tell me more about the man in question “, I knew who she was referring to.

” He’s a good company,  I wish I could stop my ever traitorous heart which keeps on beating rapidly whenever he’s near. I can’t keep myself composed anymore “.

“But “? Soo always asked the right question.
“He isn’t interested in me “, I scowled ” doesn’t even count me as a friend,  Soo “.
She gave me a quick hug ” Look this guy wants you or not I don’t know,  What I know is you want him and already hinted him on that. So..the ball is on his court now. If he wants to act on it, he will. Otherwise my sweet friend we got a lot more options,  we aren’t 80 yet. Being twenty something we still have lot more chances “.

This made me giggle she really knows how to make me feel better.

Don’t just Like it, start reading it.


It has come to my notice that most of my readers don’t read my articles,  instead they simply like it. 
In my previous article I mentioned it clearly for them to read because I was seriously in need of some feedback. Instead of feedback most of them just hit the like button without even taking a look at the content. There were many likes but comments from only 2 people .We writers simply don’t write anything to get most number of likes,  no. We want people to read them. To say the truth I think most of you will probably like this post as well without reading it.

Sample Chapter 1

So this post about a sample chapter from one of my newest novel /novella (I’m still not sure of its length ) . The sequel of Mysterious Women: Blackmail.
It has been named Mysterious Women: Revenge.
The name speaks a volume about the contents of the book. Its about revenge,  now the

revenge will be on whom and be taken whom,  is for me to decide and you to find out.

And how do you do that obviously by going through it after it is released.
I think I will stop boring you with my babbling and jump to the sample chapter.

Chapter 1
Her breathing too shallow for him to feel and listen. “Someone call 911 immediately “, Lucie’s voice no more than a shrill to his ears. He never felt so helpless in his life,  not even when his parents were killed. In this whole fuss of a matter, somebody placed a hand on his shoulder ” Don’t worry son, my girl is a fighter,  she will fight until her last breath “, her father’s words barely seemed like whisper in his ears. Everything around him did. He held hand and kept on holding it even when the paramedics were boarding her on the ambulance. They must have realised his broken down condition so they let him in their vehicle. Her parents , and friends including Ryan followed them in their own cars.
Meanwhile Mitchell  stood behind in the chapel full of guests to investigate. She informed the captain regarding the current situation,  who would be sending one of their agents to help her. Until she was to be on her own.  She asked all the guests to remain in the chapel and not leave the place without her permission. The minister too was under suspicion,  it was the matter of her best friend’s life and she would leave no stone unturned. The minister at first didn’t approve of the act,  later when she threatened to put him behind the bars,  he willingly took his place at the beginning of the queue. But something about the guests seemed amiss.” I wouldn’t unless I start processing my dynamo”,  she smirked  speaking to herself .

P.S. The book cover and release date has yet not been decided But I plan to reveal it soon.

Guys and Gals I seriously need some feedback in this which will help me progress with the upcoming chapters. So please don’t Just like it for the sake of liking. In the future chapters I’m planning to make you people a part of it by letting you decide the fate of the characters.

Is it love?


“Niya what are you staring at? “, Rehan asked her. ” Umm its nothing “, she no longer could hide her feelings for him.
They had been friends for more than year. In fact she has one of world’s most loving boyfriend,  yet she can’t understand the current situation of her traitorous heart, which seems to pull her towards Rehan. “Look at me Niya”, he raised her chin,  while she was trying to shy away from the question ” why were you staring at me for the past few minutes if its nothing? Tell me “.
Niya looked into his eyes with her big brown eyes.Whatever will she say him to stop questioning,  even she didn’t know the answer to this weird situation. Finally having given up on her body and mind,  she decided to tell him about her feelings perhaps he can help, she thought. ” From the past few months I have been attracted towards you,  not in the friends kinda way,  its more in the romantic side “.
Well now her confession was done but both her palm were dripping with sweat. When Rehan didn’t answer her she felt a blow to her chest,  the friendship which she maintained for a year without revealing her interests was about to crumble. ” How is it possible?  You have a boyfriend remember? ” he spoke bringing her out of the reverie.  ” I know,  that’s what has me confused,  I know I care for “, she stopped mid sentence when did love turn into care. ” I know I’m confused and I need your help here”, she pleaded.

Now readers it’s your turn to decided whether Niya is really in love with this guy,  if so then are her feelings for her boyfriend deceptive?  Please answer in your comments.