I love you

Harappa’s lost seal -memories

Swahayne rested her head against the quilt. She needed some rest now if she had to meet him later. Their meeting will draw out all her energy. She anxious and excited at the same time. Age knew he loved her but duties bound him against her. She could still remember the first time when he proposed her like a poet.

Swirling,  starving I waited for you,
For there’s no one else I can think of –
None who could take my mind of you;
I saw you grow from a girl to a lady,
Your beauty never did it fade
Honesty was inborn and charm graced you
A woman who can hold her own,
How could I not fall for her?
How could I not want her for me?
Honey,  I love you and that’s how I shall always be.

Slowly she stirred towards sleep,  but her mind still raced when his face fashed in front of her. So how  is she going to manage the entire time facing him?