Kiss your boyfriend goodbye

This is the sequel poem to Dont love me anymore , where a girl tries to break up with her boyfriend because she felt herself to be a traitor,  who tried to stab him at the back though she fell in love with him later. In this poem lets see what her guy has to say about her decision.


Sweetly and perfectly planned charade,
Well,  I’m impressed with it
Now you kiss me goodbye.

I know this is not what you thought –
Turned out life is playing games,
And I won’t listen even if you try.

Persuading me won’t help you;
Least I could do is give you a sweet peck,
I promise later you’ll be happy rather than die.

You made a mistake for me
Yet I know that you love me,  just the way I do
Now don’t shed your tears,  don’t cry

Because baby I’m gonna tie our knots forever,
The choice is mine and leaving is not an option;
So kiss your boyfriend goodbye.

From tomorrow I’ll be your husband,
I shall hold your hands as I grow old,
And I will hold it till I die.


Harappa ‘s lost seal -The Fire

It’s been a long time since I published anything related to this story.  I apologize for that.
One of my reader suggested, that if I put a little summary of the previous chapters it would be better.

Chahel is the new Parama and his wife Swahayne belongs to warrior class.  The city is facing a grave situation , its constantly under attack by the Sumerans and productvity of crops have decreased. 
Swahayne is summoned and she is on her way towards the citadel.

You can check out
Chapter 3 here .

Chapter 4
The tension between them rose to a higher level.  Neither of them could utter a single word.  They kept staring at eacb other for minutes and before Chehl could say anything, someone knocked the huge teak wood door “Parama the council have summoned you. ”
The spell broke and he turned away,  the sweet words of love she anticipated were not spoken. “You can rest in my chamber,  I won’t be back before dinner. ”  My chamber,  she stomped couldn’t he say our chamber instead.
She left the hall after him looking for his mother.  She loved that lady like her own and even the lady adored her.  When she was little Parama Shree always told her that she would be her daughter-in-law. But things changed after marriage with Chahel. Peeking inside the lady’s room Swahayne couldn’t find her,  so she asked one of Parama shree’s maids about her whereabouts,  “Parama shree hasn’t returned since last night, ” she was told.
Moving around the villa turned into a chore for her.  The maids looked at her with suspicion. I practically didn’t jump here at the first chance , they had summoned me here . She thought while moving towards Chehl’s chamber. Near chamber door were two guards Who by no chance would let her in,  if she didn’t have his permission. Preoccupied in her thoughts she had already stepped closer to them and just like her wedding day.  The doors automatically opened for her,  the guards bowed and in unison announced “Parama Shree Swahayne,  Parama Chahel the XIth has asked you to station here if you wish to “. She nodded in approval and walked in,  a smile had already found its place in her lips.  The chamber was just the way as she had left them. Her favorite flowers decorated a vase.

“When do you think should we attack? ” a tall , brusquely muscled man asked her. “When all the maids leave for their weekly holiday,  she’ll be alone,  Chahel has already been called for a meeting and Adrij has been sent to the outpost, “Dishra took a sip of a special Sumeran Wine “And don’t attack now let the fire swallow her”. The person talking to her didn’t look convinced “What if she escapes? ” His question had an otherwise reaction on her and she laughed out ” Do you remember Bhadrak the escapist? ” the man next to her nodded curtly “Your daughter -in -laws father and the leader warrior “. “You seem to remember him , I killed him when he discovered my identity “, standing under the moonlight she tried to focus back on the real matter “She will soon join her Papa “.


The villa turned down into ashes while he urged his horse to gallop faster. He had to save her. He had seen the fire right from the outpost and from there he rode harder. Swahayne must be indoors.Lord let her escape this fate ,  he prayed. By the time he reached there was chaos everywhere. He called up one of the guards for a report of the incident “Parama Nikunj , Parama Chahel had left for a meeting and Parama Shree had been asked to rest in his chambers “, the guard had his hand wrapped in a cloth.  Some of them were burnt,  writhing in pain,  others dead. Chahel where are you when she needed you the most. Later when they searched Chahel’s chamber only ashes were found. 

Parama Nikunj –Parama’s brother
Parama Shree –wife of the ruling Parama.


Three Days Quote Challenge -Day 3

First of all I would like to thank PalFitness for the nomination. He runs a blog on health and nutrition. You must visit his blog someday.

Today I have put down a few quotes of Sarojini Naidu.


“We want deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action.”

“A country’s greatness lies in its undying ideals of love and sacrifice that inspire the mothersof the race.”

“Sense of justice is one of the most wonderful ideals of Islam, because as I read in the Qur’an I find those dynamic principles of life, not mystic but practical ethics for the daily conduct of life suited to the whole world.”

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Three Days Quote Challenge -Day 2

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Today is International Women’s Day. So here’s my little tribute to Amelia Bloomer one of history’s popular feminist.


“It will not do to say that it is out of woman’s sphere to assist in making laws, for if that were so,  then it should be also out of her sphere to submit to them. “

“The same power that brought the slave out of bondage will, in His own good time and way,  bring about the emancipation of women,  and make her the equal in power and dominion that she was in the beginning. “

“Let men be compelled to wear our dress for awhile and we should soon hear them advocating a change. “

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Three Days Quotes Challenge -Day 1

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2.Post a quote for three consecutive days.
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Today I have selected few of Anupam Kher’s quotes,  since it is his birthday today. This post is dedicated to him.

Anupam kher

The thief who has no opportunity to steal,  thinks he is an honest man. “

“Every individual suffers from the fear of failure,  but you can change your destiny only when you overcome it. “

“Practice makes an actor excel. It is like cycling and motor driving. It is an art,  which can be learnt and practised. “

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3.Strange Lander 2015

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Don’t love me anymore

A sweet,  cute love story,
Must come to an end –

You have been the perfect gentleman, 
Charmed your way through and got my heart

Yet you didn’t see the hole;
The lagging heart beat, you didn’t hear.

Now,  my dear I ask you
Leave me hear and move on,

I can never give you much,
Nor the happiness you deserve.

I’m weak,  but not a tear will I shed While I let you go,

Darling, you were never my choice of love
For you I had only revenge secured,

Like sweet nectar your love enchanted me
Blissful I was,  when I realized my mistake,

So I beg you forget me;
No,  I cannot face you,  not anymore

I  do love you now, but you
Please don’t love me anymore.



Forever Yours

Love no more than a starters word
Was never your choice  of word,

Neither were flowers nor teddies
Your choice of gift.

The only gift from you was a ring –
It sealed our fate forever.

There are no sweet talk between us
Yet a hint of love flows in the air

Romance is a far edged story you wouldn’t listen
Our growing closeness,  will change that story.

Flattering will never be your style,
Will that stop me from loving you?

Never did I think,  will I fall for a man so rugged –
Life has its own way to prove us wrong,

I know not when you’ll confess your love for me
But I cannot delay it any longer;

I cannot stay apart from you
And wanna be yours,  forever yours.



Harappa’s lost seal -A comeback


“Do you think she would risk coming here? ” the head priest asked her. The lady sitting on the divan was tall with fair skin,  which signified her Sumeran personality.
Few decades back she had stealthily entered the fortified city and lured a then widowed noble into marrying her. The Parama of the noble members. Later they had a son who got her looks and inherited his father’s honest character. Now all her plans were about to me diminished due to him. “Dishra? ” the priest called her again trying to gain her attention,  but her mind roamed elsewhere What if Adrij truly helps her?  Her worried face then curved to a smile That would be a turn over for me, she thought out loud “Yashaj I need to go somewhere, ” leaving the confused priest behind she strolled out of his cabin with a new purpose,  she ordered the part driver to take her to the outskirts of the city .

Moving back to the villa after such a long gap gave her both a feeling of excitement and nervousness. All those years without him were not so torturous as the few moments left for her to see him.As the roof top of the villa came into view she urged her stallion to gallop faster.


She noticed that the roads were sturdier now,  than the period his father the Xth Parama ruled thr board. From the time they were kids she had seen him determined to fulfill his father’s dreams.  He had always taken his role seriously except in her case.  As soon as the thought came she shook it out of her mind,  kicking the horse’s hunches to slow down.

Near the stairs she saw Adrij and waved him. The stable boy walked up to her and took the reins of her stallion “He’ll take care of your precious Khanij,  Common on   now “, Adrij motioned her to follow him , she smiled unconsciously “We shouldn’t keep him waiting “, together they climbed the few stairs up to the porch and then moved towards the hall. The man walking ahead of her had fair skin which had tanned down a little unlike his brother’s bronze skin. Once inside the hall she could Chehl pacing the room,  Adrij bowed infront of him “Parama Chehl she’s here “. She slowly walked near the brothers. ” Nikunj Adrij,  you may now leave her here”, he told his brother. Adrij leftover them as asked. The atmosphere turned still as they faced each other. There were a lot of questions to be asked, lot to be said yet none of them could utter a single word.

Nikunj –Younger brother