Review: Perfect | Imperfect


Book: Perfect | Imperfect
Author: Ravi Bedi
Publishers: Author’s Ink Publications
Rate: 4.5stars


Perfect | Imperfect ,a very apt title for a novel, where a perfect plan is laid out for a crime, yet there are some imperfections in it.

The story is about a young couple who try to make quick money by robbing out a millionaire . They plan out a perfect crime, act it out, yet they forget that even the most intellectual criminals leave some loopholes while trying to dash out with the stolen goodies. This is what the story is about.

Jimmy Bhashin, a young salesman who works in a reputed jewellry store is a romantic, hardworking, intelligent young man. His greed for easy money didn’t let him live an honest life.

Farah Batliwala-Jimmy’s girlfriend and partner in crime. Both of them together try to create a perfect crime. At some point of time, after the robbery she is misleaded by Samarth.

Samarth Jain- Son of a millionaire, a Casanova. He pretends to love Farah in order to take revenge from her.


A short novel filled with suspense, humor, suspense, romance .The author has put up a story which will hold your interest till the end .A noteworthy statement from the novel’That gives us a perfect plan that has no Imperfections. Which will keep the readers wanting for more.

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