Real Neat Blog Awards

I am very late in writing this post actually, should have done it much earlier. I have been nominated by Vikram Bishla for the Real Neat Blog Award. My sincere thanks towards him. He is a versatile blogger,  writes on issues related to daily affairs,  fashion,  he is also interested in writing micro stories. An interesting personality that he has I’m sure you would love visiting his blog.


Award Rules:-
1. Thank the person who nominated you and pingback.
2. Complete the task that your nominator has assigned.
3. Give them a challenge to complete and share these rules.
4. Include the logo,  above in your acceptance post.

My nominees are:
1.Ngobesing Romanus
2.My silly World
3.Hook line and ink well
4.Mind & life matters
5.Misterman’s take
6. Mindfulness
7 Techie Family

Now here’s your challenge in my next post I’ll post a short story and you’ll have to change the climax. But there’s a condition the characters cannot be altered neither the timeline. 😀 Best of Luck with that.


13 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Awards

  1. Congratulations on this beautiful award. You deserve it. Thank you for nominating me. I really love it. My only problem is I am not good at responding to awards. I limit myself to thanking the person who has nominated me. I do hope that with your fine work you will receive many more awards. Blessings to you!


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