Adam’s Eve

What am I? A woman or a simple element-

Society makes me feel like an element,

They don’t see, they leer,

I feel their eyes crawling up on my arms,

They know how to make me scream;

Laugh has been long forgotten,

I don’t even know, if it’s right or wrong,

Generations of staring down,

Now this is the rule, we follow it

But is it right?


We always have lots of complaints against men.We say they hurt us , they don’t understand us, they do whatever they but we can’t. I think all these things are only because our culture shaped us this way.The environment where we live wouldn’t allow to us to stay out till late at night and even if we get this chance I don’t think it would be possible for us to out everyday and come home late. Its not the fault of the males that they think us inferior, its the fault of the society which taught him to think this way .Whenever we speak about the success of a man we sa woman must have been with him, this thing works both ways sometimes even a man maybe responsible for her success. Today I’m going to speak a few men who worked for the upliftment of women.
Sometimes I imagine how my life would have been if I wouldn’t get a supportive father, such as mine. Continue reading “Womanhood”