Heart is not always beautiful

Beauty lies in the mind yes,

Can the brain cope with that responsibility,

A big question it is, but no-

Brain might be mechanical but it works,

Heart pumps and purifies every drop of blood,

A man may not always express, but he might love,

Another one holding and showering with love,

Responsibility might not be his key to work;

The heart thus is not always beautiful.

Picture credits : Vector Stock and Color Box

An understanding between us 2

Abashed by your temper, you stop speaking,

All I ask for you is to share,

Dreadful thoughts which come across your mind-

Conveying will give you peace, if not rest;

I know when not to push you anymore-

Those gullible thoughts, streaking through my nerves-

Yes, they might come down only for you,

Speaking does best, but your presence keeps me sane.