Starting with the bad news first -my mother departed earth last Monday. May her soul rest in peace!
Well I’m not done yet, today I would like to discuss a very sensitive topic. “SEPARATION OF TRUE SOUL MATES “.The word separation here doesn’t mean divorce (legal separation ).Here the word infers the soul which left this world forever.

The one’s who are alive must be clenching their heart at that moment, for they can never completely feel in ease with the case that their other half is no more with them.
In my case I do feel sad but I’m not as agonized as my father who spent the last twenty eight years of his life with her. Their lives were entwined forever till death let them apart.
They were not meant to set apart before their time together. Now since it has already happened and we are all children of the Lord Almighty so we will have to accept his decision.
In such matters,  the widow or widower shouldn’t keep on mourning about their partners.  They should try to begin their lives from a new perspective because their soulmates would never want them wreaking their heart.  They would want them to move on.