A wizard’s love

Time for yet another series and this time its from the paranormal world. A world full of mystries and magic.



“Holy Christ “, she cursed a few selected words while bringing her car to a screeching halt.  Things couldn’t go worse , she had blown off her own car and now while she was driving her aunt’s car,  she was about  to hit a man who was crossing the road. From her sitting position she could see the man had a strong built,  he was tall . But since he had his face on the other side and continued towards his unkown destination she couldn’t see his face.  An urge of meeting this man suddenly rose in her mind.   She immediately ran out of the car to pay him some compensation,  can’t afford getting late for the office,  she convinced herself. 
” Excuse me Sir “, as the words left her mouth the person stopped walking and turned to face her.  Color drained off her face “Gerald,  I thought… “,  “that I couldn’t find you ” he cut her off and before she could say something else he brought her to a different realm. The realm of faes, wizards,  witches and other paranormals.

” This ” she took in her surrounding carefully “It’s our new place “, he smiled carefully not letting out much,  lest she tried to run away again. She didn’t look impressed,  her clever eyes trying to find a way
out of here. But there were no escape doors out of this wormhole,  unfortunately this is no wormhole,  it straight away looks like a room from one of those decor  magazines,  typical Gerald way she huffed.
He had been studying her for so and as her eyes met his she could see a terror hidden in them. Mayhap she had missed something.  ” Is it about the prince?” to which her husband nodded.

Stay tuned to read the beginning of a Paranormal saga . I would surely love to get your feedbacks regarding this story.

Harappa’s lost seal -Truth Reavealed

Swahayne had been summoned to meet Chahel. When she reached the villa Adrij her brother -in-law,  met her first and then she met her husband after a long time,  but before they could have a descent conversation she left for a meeting with the board.

On the other side Dishra planned to burn the villa and finally the villa got  burnt into ashes , not a single person could survive . In this chapter we will see how Chahel coped with his wife’s death.

Chapter 4
A year had passed since the fire burnt down their Villa. A new one was being built in its place.
Today would be the completion of a year since he last saw anything of her.  He had finished a meeting with the civilians and was heading towards his chamber to task some rest. For a flicker of second he felt someone watching him,  but when he turned around he stared at the blank wall.  I must be distracted,  he moved towards Dishra ‘s quarters,  he had some important discussion with her regarding her recent expenditures in weapons.  What need does she have for weapons? he thought. He had been busy with the construction work,  had no time to see which relatives of her she had been visiting on the city outskirts.

He didn’t find her there and went instead to his chamber. The moon light entering his chambers almost lit the room.While walking towards his bed , he  found someone lying there . “Being playful,  aren’t we?  A smile tucked on his lips. “I was testing your bravery “, a hint of laughter in her voice.
“So I could see “, he went closer to where she was sitting ” I’ve missed you a lot “.
“Good to hear,  because Dishra was the person who burnt your villa “, she stopped him before he said anything ” I have enough proof against her “. She snuggled against him “You’re not going to believe me this time  “. ” I believed you even that day when you deserted our chamber and left me alone, ” he sighed. “But you couldn’t voice your thoughts strongly nor did you stop me,” she whispered.
Annoyed by the direction their conversation was moving,  she changed the topic “I assure you Parama there will be an attack on us tonight ” , her playful voice turned  stern. “I am sure you are ready for that Swahayne “, he tucked a stray hair behind her ears. 


It was a full moon night and they could clearly see each other. He could see the love she felt for him in her eyes. She blushed when he took her hands in his,  hers were much tinier compared to his huge ones. He looked almost 7-8 inches taller than her. “Let us get ready to slain their heads, ” he bellowed. “You sure you can take up a sword?”
“Woman only a cow could forget your father’s hefty training and you married no cow, ” he whispered the last few words,  while trying to hug her.

Just as she had informed an attack had been launched,  but how they entered the city gates Swahayne was still confused. “Their army isn’t a large one and our gates can endure much stronger attack, ” she rode her horse between Adrij and Chahel. As next Parama shree she had to be protected.
Until a few hours they could see a harmless army but just as they lost focus,  a cavalry attacked them from the eastern gates as well. Definitely work of an insider, she rode hard while her sword claimed bodies of their enemy. She was now closer to Chahel to see that a lady with her mask on, had fully charged at him.