At the dinner table

“Well you didn’t have to wait up for me “, he pulled out a chair and sat next to her, ” you could have done your dinner earlier”.

“I didn’t” she shook her head , ” I am sitting here to give you company”.

She then served him rotis and curry.

” I know you don’t like eating alone”, she informed him.

He gave a lopsided grin at that.

The Menu

“What’s on the menu today “? he asked her while grabbing an apple from the fruit basket.

“Well I am not sure,” she replied walking towards the fridge ,” let’s check out the ingredients first”.

He couldn’t help but smile and shake his head, ” darling are you ever sure of anything”? he asked casually, helping her with chopping onions.

“Yes”, she turned to look at him “I am and will always be sure of being with you “.

Be with me forever

We always promise our dear ones to spend the rest of our lives with them. But do we always hold onto that?  Here’s a short story based on this pick up line

Dark clouds quivered around,  making the environment even worse than it actually is.

“You can’t leave until he arrives”, Ria said while packing the last of Anita’s bags. The young maid had been a constant friend for the past one year. “I’ll wait for him”, was the only reply she received.
Time and situation changes everything. When they were married the next day she couldn’t stay with him for long. Her father had arranged her marriage with one his young business partner and business it was. Her marital life was nothing other than a business contract,  where she had to pose as his wife. Marital vows seemed fake promises,  he could never make her happy.  When she was certain that he would be her future husband,  she tried to collect as much information as possible. The internet didn’t hold much for her, just some philanthropic works and a photograph where he was in embrace with a beautiful lady.
When she asked her father about it, he told her it was probably a simple gesture.  Businessman like him were always convicted to such media pranks.  She believed him for the time being.
After her wedding nothing changed he was the same old distant and isolated guy whom she met earlier. So she confronted him about the photograph a month later, he replied ” You are my wife for namesake,  don’t try to indulge yourself in my personal affairs”. She thought he’ll change with time. All these months of observation told her that he wasn’t a playboy. Age even tried to find out if he is a gay. That too was solved when he kissed her long,  after a week of depression and that was it,  no further moves thereafter.
They celebrated their first anniversary yesterday,  well she celebrated because Ashwin had to attend an important meeting.  Then and there she decided that he is not the type of man she would spend her life with.

“He’s here “, Ria yelled probably running upstairs to her room. But no one entered,  everything seemed silent for a minute; after which she could hear footsteps,  his footsteps.
He didn’t think it important to stop me,  when I said I would leave she thought nor will he do that today. She shook her head and smiled grimly.

She could feel his presence in the room now,  standing in the balcony it didn’t feel right to talk to him at this moment.
” I see you are all set to leave “, he said in his usual formal manner,   she turned back to face him.” I never thought it would be possible for me to fall in love and once I did,  I couldn’t understand my feelings”, he held her arms.” Don’t leave me because now I know that you are my life,  I cant live without you “. He then sat on his knee and said ” be with me forever”. Tears of happiness rolled down her eyes,  she nodded curtly, ” I will my love”.

Friday Poetry Time#5

The poem that we will discuss today was written by a poetess whose love life was full of controversies. She was Emily Dickinson. Born as an American her ancestors were English. She had a successful family and introverted life. Though she has been linked to many gentlemen, yet the one quite popular of them was Judge Otis Phillips Lord. Mr.and Mrs. Lord were family friends and after Mrs. Elizabeth Lord deceased her husband got even closer to the Dickinson family. Emily Dickinson had three of her letters to some Master but till none could be found suitable as her master. Let’s not go more into her life and start our discussion on the poem Heart, we will forget him


In this poem “Heart” has been used as personification. A rhyme scheme of xaxa is found. The poetess is trying very hard to forget her lover. Her lover must be someone with a good heart, whom she is trying to forget. But all her trials seem futile, because she asks her heart to make haste otherwise she will not be able to forget him. She loves him a lot and that’s why it is getting difficult for her to forget the person.

Friendship not romance

What do we say when a boy and girl are seen laughing together. ” They must be having an affair ”  , ” look how flirty”, ” how can they be so audious ” etc etc.  I don’t understand why they can’t take it as mere friendship.


Two people who like being in each other’s company do need to be in love.  They can be friends who support each other and who correct us when need be.
Love is something different. Yes we are always friends with our love interest and they can make us happy with a smile or simple conversation . But with friends its different its the brotherly love with them. Our friends might be handsome but they won’t hold candle to your love interest.  And I think even the boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn’t be jealous of the fact that their partner has got a friend of the opposite gender.