Interesting Characters of some popular Romance Novels

This month we will be discussing a few interesting characters of some popular romance novels. I will be a little blunt and say that discussion will be based on a n average of three characters, with the leading being a regular and one or two other characters. Today I have chosen to speak forth about a novel which had stirred the masses during the age of enlightenment and Voltaire. In those days it was considered immoral and immodest for a woman to be an author , so our Miss Austen published her anonymously. I think you would be a little intrigued by the Author. Here’s a brief bio:


Born in 16 December 1775 in England she chose write novels based on Romantic fiction which was set among the landed gentry of England. Her novels were mostly based on realism, social commentary. Pride and Prejudice is one of her most popular works and others include Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Persuasion etc. For further details about her you can check here.

Pride and prejudice deals with Mr and Mrs Bennet who have five unmarried children and Mrs. Bennet tries her best to get all of them married. Her daughters try to woo Mr. Bingley , who is a wealthy man and rents Netherfield Park near Longbourn. Mr.Darcy is his suspicious and status conscious friend . Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth or Lizzie as she is lovingly are the leading characters . So today we will be discussing about Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth and her mother, Mrs. Bennet.


Elizabeth Bennet

She has been shown as a witty, attractive, judgmental young woman. Throughout the novel she had to deal with manners, upbringing, morality, education, marriage during the British regency. She is quite spoken unlike most most women of that period.She is shown to be close to her father, her elder sister Jane , her aunt Mrs. Gardiner and her best friend Charlotte Lucas. She is the Prejudice in the novel. Her and Mr. Darcy’s relationship hadn’t been very warm at the beginning but slowly as the story progresses they overcome their faux pas and surrender to their love for each other.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

He is the male protagonist of the novel. He is shown to be a very wealthy man and owns the family estate of Pemberley. He has a shy sister Georgiana Darcy.He is handsome, tall , intelligent but lacks social ease. He is concerned of his status. Mrs. Bennet doesn’t like him because of his haughty nature, though he is not that yet he imposes it on others. He is greatly valued among friends. He is the epitome of pride in the novel.At last he overcomes his differences with Lizzie and falls in love with each other.

Mrs. Bennet

Her character is very interesting, she is a mother of five daughters and she wants all of them married to wealthy men. She is not concerned much of her daughters wishes. She is easily excitable, a narrow minded woman. She imagines herself susceptible to attacks of tremor, palpitation when she is displeased. Her favorite daughter is Lydia.

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s story is considered one of the best probably because they were not into each other at the beginning but gradually fell for it. Those are reading this post now are warmly welcome to critique it and add your own points. And I would also like to tell you that the next novel that we will be dealing with is a Bengali novel, written by a famous author and its called, keep guessing until next week.