Who I am and Why I am here

First of all I think any one can check my profile and know my. So here I wont be giving my bio- data, instead I would like you people to know what kind of person I’m.  I am a very simple living person, a little ambitious. but hey, doesn’t 80 people out of 100 here are ambitious.I  Like dancing  , singing to any tune sometimes when I forget the lyrics I make up my own words, making it a kind of parody. but that’s what makes me alive. Once while giving an introduction to my seniors in college they asked me to dance on a Bollywood item song, I said I need a partner, while we’re dancing he left the place.

  He said the girl is enthusiastic man, I cant perform with her, she wiggles too much.But isn’t that a necessity in an item dance.

Past things  apart, let me tell you why I’m here, it’s because I want share my views about the present situation of our country. Now-a-days, everything is so restricted that I cant just go stand somewhere and start speaking about it. To say the truth, my country is corrupted to some extent, but if I have to stay here I need to keep my mouth shut. You must think that if I need to shut my mouth than why I’m here, well since I cant shout it out anywhere , so this blog becomes my shout it out soap box. Here I can speak about anything , from politics to economics to religion, education, culture everything. This is what my blog will consist of. So I welcome you all. Welcome folks to present generation India, where you’ll find less snake charmers and more computer techs. My country has unity in diversity and that I’ll show you through my blogs.