A bright sunny day, something not unusual even during a Wintery November of Kolkata. While everybody enjoyed the bliss of a warm weather in the early hours of sun rise, Pari had already reached the lab and was currently analysing an Orchid species.” You are here already?” Aniket her colleague asked her. She smiled knowing full well that answering him could lead to a lengthy conversation and right now she couldn’t talk to him right now.Saturdays meant loads of work for her and since it was the end of the month, the work pressure turned out to be higher.

Next week on Monday when she didn’t turn up Aniket continued with his work. Later that week he was assigned the task of transferring a tissue specimen to Lucknow Research Institute, he was surprised because Parizaad usually handled such cases. When he enquired the case further he came to know that she had already accepted a prestigious position in the Delhi Central Research Institute and was now working there for a week.

After he reached home he switched on his data connection and found lots of messages waiting for him in What’s app and Hike. But none from her, he thought I can atleast be formal and ask about her wellbeing. So he sent her a message.

A: Hi

Pari was online at that moment and replied immediately.

P: Hey , how are you ?

A: I’m fine..btw why didnt you tell me you were leaving.

P: I must have forgotten.

A: hmm.

A few seconds later she replied.

P: Aniket I had to confess something.

A: What?

P: I love you, and have been in love with you for the past three years.

Aniket was shocked when the message bleeped on his screen.He knew she liked him but could never fathom the thought of her loving him.

A: why didnt you tell me earlier?

Pari rolled her eyes after reading the message.

P: Then you would start avoiding me.

A: You never know.Is that the reason you shifted?

P:Yes, I couldn’t stand being on the same place as you and act like a hermit.

Aniket still wasn’t able to digest the fact that this bubbly, intellectual lady with whom he had been working for the past few years had fallen for him and still couldn’t say it out loud.

A: You should have told it earlier.

P:Because I know you don’t want me, so why should I make a fool of myself. 

He knew she was right  and he couldn’t do anything regarding that. He couldn’t call her back. 

A: Why didn’t you go earlier when you got the London contract?

P: I still wanted to give you a chance. I even waited for you to call me for the past few days.

A: Actually I had been busy, but today when I came to know  I thought it would be better to get hold of you.

P: Well you did get hold of me. If you ever visit Delhi you must visit my place. 

She switched off her data connection knowing fully well that he wouldn’t reply back , nor will she. An episode of her life was over and she wasn’t going to regret loving him. It was something where she found happiness.But that happiness would be seized if she kept communicating with him.I must get a new sim card tomorrow. Because escaping  from her love was the only way she could keep her sanity.