Anathema of Desire

Childhood with unfulfilled wishes,

Meeting everyone’s expectations,

Her mind shaped up desiring better,

A successful future, beautiful life

She did want to spend it with someone,

Did her struggle conflict in a way with his wishes?

Overwhelming him, that she didn’t want,

Before he could figure, she took the step ahead.

Β© Meloheart

Little Happiness

Thinking about chocolate chip cookies,

Breathing in and out the pleasant breeze,

Did I ever think , it is the Optimism?

Something I fight with, instead of the criticism-

Seeing the squirrels play around,

My mind feels active and sound,

This little entities of happiness, that I carry

Will never let me tarry,

Love from all of you,

Makes my life bright with wonderful hue.


Winner or Loser

What it is to win one?

How do I even know that I won?

Does making someone lose, makes me a winner?

Is it all about power play?

What happens if I bow down, do I lose?

Is abetting a silent gesture, trait of a loser?

Or is it the determination to win?

To put things together, maintain peace.

A challenge most difficult to overcome,

What a winner and how does become a loser.