Inter religious relationships in India

In a country which is a hub of various religions you would be surprised to know that there are very few families which accepts such relations. Falling in love is not the only thing necessary for a relationship running.  Being always the caring ones,  we Indians are bound to think of our society’s honour.  If we fall in love with a person who doesn’t belong to our religion,  we are immediately advised to terminate that or are forced to elope,  that is if we agree towards a marriage. 

Just because we have different culture or religion doesn’t make it right to prohibit a relationship between the different groups of people.  Here I am talking about the common people not of the elite society.  Our people can be considered ignorant but this ignorance sometimes turns violent and scenes from Romeo and Juliet come out live. There had been many such cases in the past. Now,  don’t we always say that we shouldn’t dig out the past, even in the present century the situations haven’t developed much. Let’s says I am a Hindu girlfriend and fell in love with a Christian boy,  when I introduce him to my family it will take all their strength not to throw both of us out of the house. This doesn’t mean that they will agree instead all my connections to the outer world may be cut off and whenever I go to college or somewhere else,  my brother or some other relative will accompany there to fight him off.
My question to you is if this thing is such a taboo then why do you allow them to get acquainted with us? If you care about me then do care for him as well for he is hurting too.