Can I stop missing you?

I don’t know where you are,

Star gazing makes me feel you staring down

at me;

You told me how you missed your mommy,

I can feel it now, because I miss

you too-

At times I hustle with things,

I wish you were there to help me,hear

me out,

Papa is much gentler just you were ,

He is a friend now and much less a

dominating figure,

I knows he tries to shower all his love

He tries not to make me ,

miss you,

But I do every moment without you-

I guess ,I can never stop missing

you mommy.

Laughing limp


I know I shouldn’t be laughing,  given the tragic situation that I broke my leg and probably will limp for the rest of my life.  But the smile creeps up my lips may be since I know you’ll never leave my hand for the rest of our lives .

Romantic nature


A bench may remind us of a lot of things. IT may hold a few memories.  A couple sitting on a bench watching the sunset or sunrise. They may be young or old but they sit here holding each others hand.