Will your parents understand about your love relationship?

It’s quite a difficult question to answer. Most of the Indian  parents till date follow the old tradition of arranged marriage. Love marriage may be allowed within people of intra or inter caste but not outside that. Dating for many of them is still a foreign idea. If their child is in a romantic relationship then their freedom would be carried away in most of the cases and if not that then our parents politely convince us to break up with our partner. The common reason is that you are still a child and you don’t know what is love and for your information you  may be thirty but still a child. There are many teens or other individuals who like to share their feelings with their parents,  the relationship thing they have to be discreet about it, why? Because the parents will very unlikely understand it. 
This is an advice for the Indian parents –
1. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not bad when your child is in their late teens because by then they are matured enough to understand what is good or bad for them.
2. Don’t you worry that they will degrade their career for this because those who are sincere will understand that if you are without a career no one’s gonna care for you.
3. If they somehow happen to disclose about their relationship then take it as your chance to get information about your child’s love interest,  get them speaking to you about how they feel for the relationship.
4. Once you are done enquiring now its your time to decide whether their partners are good for them or not and if the person they are dating are not up to your mark then politely advice them what to do,  but don’t force which will only create distance between you and your child.
Finally I can conclude saying that if your child is an adult and has a boyfriend or girlfriend that means they do need some some privacy,  so please try to give them that and DON’T  keep on prying in their business because when they are ready,  they’ll speak to you,  give them some time.
As always I would like to hear opinions from my friends and readers regarding this issue.