Harappa’s Lost Seal -The Seal

Story So Far…
A battle has begun between the Sumerans and Harappas. Chahel thinks it to be an insider who helped the Sumerans inside the Eastern and Western gates. Swahayne can see through the corner of her eyes , a warrior full fledgedly launched an attack on Chahel. Can he survive that?

Chapter 5
” Never use your emotions during a fight “, Bhadrak swung his sword and attacked her from right. “But how can I fight with you papa? ”
“Common girl I have been away for so long “, he pushed her with his left knee and pinned her on the floor, the sword inched from tearing.into  her flesh ” Papa this is cheating “, he chuckled at her innocent accusation. “Remember during a battle don’t hesitate from doing the right thing,  kill your dear ones if you have to, be with the truth “.

A flashback from the past came flooding into her mind. The warrior fighting Chahel was not unknown to her,  but she wasn’t sure if her husband was yet ready to face the truth.


Why do I feel she ‘s close to me? Chahel tripped his sword. He dived in to pick it up while his enemy didn’t waste a moment and stroke him on the right side. The strong armour worn by him, saved his head. Why does she have to be the evil?  His mind kept on playing the words his father told him “She’s your step mother “, Swahayne told him “Its been her all along “. Though he refused to believe them yet now there was no way left,  he would rather fight her than let his family die.
He jumped and with one blow of his sword threw her on the ground.  She spat the soil that gained its way when she fell facing the ground. He then pinned her there pressing his knee to her side. “Remove your helmet “, he bellowed.
His prisoner removed her helmet and sneered at him,  the shock on his face was visible ” How could you Parama Shree “.
“I could never betray my country Sumer,  your father was just a pawn for me “, she laughed . Her breathing rate increased suddenly,  she could no longer laugh her way through. Swahayne had been watching them from a distance. The war would already be over if Dishra cooperated,  the woman will fight till her last breath. In that instant she knew what her mother -in-law had done. She ran smashing bodies with her legs , it seemed to be getting late.  “Parama Chahel,  she has taken poison “, she shouted at the top of her lungs ,Chahel glanced towards her face and back to where Dishra was lying. She ran as fast as she could,  when she reached there,  blood was slowly seeping out of Dishra’s nose and mouth. Lord why couldn’t I do it earlier. Chahel sat there on his knees,  time had stopped,  it seemed.
Chahel couldn’t bring himself to do it,  so she called upon a soldier and asked him to summon Parama Nikunj Adrij immediately.

The battle was over going on for years had been without Dishra,  the Sumerans were no longer powerful against the Harappans. Seconds ticked away before Adrij could reach there,  his face a bloody mess. She couldn’t make out how much was his and which ones belonged to the enemy. “Parama Shree Swahayne,  Parama Chahel “, he bowed down infront of both of them. Chahel had come to his senses now,  he walked upto where Adrij still had his head bowed and placed hisl hand on his brother’s arm “Nikunj Adrij,  Parama Shree is no more “, Adrij had a masked expression. Like any other soldier he wouldn’t cry,  she took the side of his enemy. “I asked her to stay away from the Sumers,  but she didn’t listen “, Adrij’s voice had turned harsh. Then turning towards Swahayne “How did you escape? ” he asked her. “Parama Shree had told me retire in our chamber that nigh. From one of my informants I had already heard of the fire”, then she looked up at him and noticed he had no emotions left for his mother and was more interested in hearing her speak “Parama mustn’t have told you yet but there’s a secret passage connecting our chamber to the river bank, ” “and you followed that he asked her? ” she shrugged. Chahel had been listening to her for quite a while,  but first things first “Parama Shree Dishra’s body must be cremated now and then we can make a rune of her next to Parama Pitrini ‘s rune”.

After cremating her body Adrij asked him if he knew of this earlier “Nikunj, When they suddenly wanted Swahayne here I knew she would be killed soon, So I oredered her to stay in our chambers and after she escaped,  she spent a year near Sumeran borders. There more than once she spotted Parama Shree along with the headpriest. ” Adrij sighed, Why didn’t she listen? “The headpriest must be taken in “, “I have already sent orders for that. ”

“The new metal, Parama Shree told us about seems to be working properly “, the newly elected board members informed him. The head priest’s arrest had stirred chaos among the board members,  so they were removed and a board of only trusted members and younger generation had been elected. “I told she’s the best you can get “, Adrij smiled.

They were celebrating the harvesting festival. The implementation of iron slabs had helped in filling up the leakage. Swahayne had suggested this new metal,  which they dug using her technique. 
Chahel turned around to see the woman of his life walk towards him. In a red Sarong and golden flowing  Skirt , wrapped around her slender waist,  she looked like a Parama Shree instead of a Warrior Woman. On a closer look he saw that her long brown hair was tied to a braid and his mother’s tiara was placed on it. The crowd made way for her.  Just as she reached the raised platform,  where he and other members of the board sat,  she bowed and touched his feet.  There she placed a seal.

Chahel picked it up,  carefully studying it. Laughter around the hall died,  as they watched their leader intently “Isn’t this the Kritrim seal? ” he asked her. She stood up and nodded curtly. “Why are you giving this to me? ”
“You lost your family due to my mistake “, before she could complete, he chuckled “That was never your mistake,  we retreived it back from the headpriest’s chamber, come ” , he motioned her to sit beside him ” From today the sword of Parama Shree Swahayne shall be the new family seal”, he announced his people.  There was laughter and clatter of hands everywhere.
He then took her hand in his “I promise to stand by you for good and for worse “, he then repeated the oath he took during their marriage ” Respect you as my other half.  Love and nurture you till you grow tired and promise not to leave me.” She smiled and completed her part of the oath “I promise never to leave you and I shall always love you the way you are. ”


Pitrini –Father
Kritrim -The warrior family seal

.                    The End.      


Harappa’s lost seal -Truth Reavealed

Swahayne had been summoned to meet Chahel. When she reached the villa Adrij her brother -in-law,  met her first and then she met her husband after a long time,  but before they could have a descent conversation she left for a meeting with the board.

On the other side Dishra planned to burn the villa and finally the villa got  burnt into ashes , not a single person could survive . In this chapter we will see how Chahel coped with his wife’s death.

Chapter 4
A year had passed since the fire burnt down their Villa. A new one was being built in its place.
Today would be the completion of a year since he last saw anything of her.  He had finished a meeting with the civilians and was heading towards his chamber to task some rest. For a flicker of second he felt someone watching him,  but when he turned around he stared at the blank wall.  I must be distracted,  he moved towards Dishra ‘s quarters,  he had some important discussion with her regarding her recent expenditures in weapons.  What need does she have for weapons? he thought. He had been busy with the construction work,  had no time to see which relatives of her she had been visiting on the city outskirts.

He didn’t find her there and went instead to his chamber. The moon light entering his chambers almost lit the room.While walking towards his bed , he  found someone lying there . “Being playful,  aren’t we?  A smile tucked on his lips. “I was testing your bravery “, a hint of laughter in her voice.
“So I could see “, he went closer to where she was sitting ” I’ve missed you a lot “.
“Good to hear,  because Dishra was the person who burnt your villa “, she stopped him before he said anything ” I have enough proof against her “. She snuggled against him “You’re not going to believe me this time  “. ” I believed you even that day when you deserted our chamber and left me alone, ” he sighed. “But you couldn’t voice your thoughts strongly nor did you stop me,” she whispered.
Annoyed by the direction their conversation was moving,  she changed the topic “I assure you Parama there will be an attack on us tonight ” , her playful voice turned  stern. “I am sure you are ready for that Swahayne “, he tucked a stray hair behind her ears. 


It was a full moon night and they could clearly see each other. He could see the love she felt for him in her eyes. She blushed when he took her hands in his,  hers were much tinier compared to his huge ones. He looked almost 7-8 inches taller than her. “Let us get ready to slain their heads, ” he bellowed. “You sure you can take up a sword?”
“Woman only a cow could forget your father’s hefty training and you married no cow, ” he whispered the last few words,  while trying to hug her.

Just as she had informed an attack had been launched,  but how they entered the city gates Swahayne was still confused. “Their army isn’t a large one and our gates can endure much stronger attack, ” she rode her horse between Adrij and Chahel. As next Parama shree she had to be protected.
Until a few hours they could see a harmless army but just as they lost focus,  a cavalry attacked them from the eastern gates as well. Definitely work of an insider, she rode hard while her sword claimed bodies of their enemy. She was now closer to Chahel to see that a lady with her mask on, had fully charged at him.


Harappa ‘s lost seal -The Fire

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Chahel is the new Parama and his wife Swahayne belongs to warrior class.  The city is facing a grave situation , its constantly under attack by the Sumerans and productvity of crops have decreased. 
Swahayne is summoned and she is on her way towards the citadel.

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Chapter 3 here .

Chapter 4
The tension between them rose to a higher level.  Neither of them could utter a single word.  They kept staring at eacb other for minutes and before Chehl could say anything, someone knocked the huge teak wood door “Parama the council have summoned you. ”
The spell broke and he turned away,  the sweet words of love she anticipated were not spoken. “You can rest in my chamber,  I won’t be back before dinner. ”  My chamber,  she stomped couldn’t he say our chamber instead.
She left the hall after him looking for his mother.  She loved that lady like her own and even the lady adored her.  When she was little Parama Shree always told her that she would be her daughter-in-law. But things changed after marriage with Chahel. Peeking inside the lady’s room Swahayne couldn’t find her,  so she asked one of Parama shree’s maids about her whereabouts,  “Parama shree hasn’t returned since last night, ” she was told.
Moving around the villa turned into a chore for her.  The maids looked at her with suspicion. I practically didn’t jump here at the first chance , they had summoned me here . She thought while moving towards Chehl’s chamber. Near chamber door were two guards Who by no chance would let her in,  if she didn’t have his permission. Preoccupied in her thoughts she had already stepped closer to them and just like her wedding day.  The doors automatically opened for her,  the guards bowed and in unison announced “Parama Shree Swahayne,  Parama Chahel the XIth has asked you to station here if you wish to “. She nodded in approval and walked in,  a smile had already found its place in her lips.  The chamber was just the way as she had left them. Her favorite flowers decorated a vase.

“When do you think should we attack? ” a tall , brusquely muscled man asked her. “When all the maids leave for their weekly holiday,  she’ll be alone,  Chahel has already been called for a meeting and Adrij has been sent to the outpost, “Dishra took a sip of a special Sumeran Wine “And don’t attack now let the fire swallow her”. The person talking to her didn’t look convinced “What if she escapes? ” His question had an otherwise reaction on her and she laughed out ” Do you remember Bhadrak the escapist? ” the man next to her nodded curtly “Your daughter -in -laws father and the leader warrior “. “You seem to remember him , I killed him when he discovered my identity “, standing under the moonlight she tried to focus back on the real matter “She will soon join her Papa “.


The villa turned down into ashes while he urged his horse to gallop faster. He had to save her. He had seen the fire right from the outpost and from there he rode harder. Swahayne must be indoors.Lord let her escape this fate ,  he prayed. By the time he reached there was chaos everywhere. He called up one of the guards for a report of the incident “Parama Nikunj , Parama Chahel had left for a meeting and Parama Shree had been asked to rest in his chambers “, the guard had his hand wrapped in a cloth.  Some of them were burnt,  writhing in pain,  others dead. Chahel where are you when she needed you the most. Later when they searched Chahel’s chamber only ashes were found. 

Parama Nikunj –Parama’s brother
Parama Shree –wife of the ruling Parama.


Harappa’s lost seal -A comeback


“Do you think she would risk coming here? ” the head priest asked her. The lady sitting on the divan was tall with fair skin,  which signified her Sumeran personality.
Few decades back she had stealthily entered the fortified city and lured a then widowed noble into marrying her. The Parama of the noble members. Later they had a son who got her looks and inherited his father’s honest character. Now all her plans were about to me diminished due to him. “Dishra? ” the priest called her again trying to gain her attention,  but her mind roamed elsewhere What if Adrij truly helps her?  Her worried face then curved to a smile That would be a turn over for me, she thought out loud “Yashaj I need to go somewhere, ” leaving the confused priest behind she strolled out of his cabin with a new purpose,  she ordered the part driver to take her to the outskirts of the city .

Moving back to the villa after such a long gap gave her both a feeling of excitement and nervousness. All those years without him were not so torturous as the few moments left for her to see him.As the roof top of the villa came into view she urged her stallion to gallop faster.


She noticed that the roads were sturdier now,  than the period his father the Xth Parama ruled thr board. From the time they were kids she had seen him determined to fulfill his father’s dreams.  He had always taken his role seriously except in her case.  As soon as the thought came she shook it out of her mind,  kicking the horse’s hunches to slow down.

Near the stairs she saw Adrij and waved him. The stable boy walked up to her and took the reins of her stallion “He’ll take care of your precious Khanij,  Common on   now “, Adrij motioned her to follow him , she smiled unconsciously “We shouldn’t keep him waiting “, together they climbed the few stairs up to the porch and then moved towards the hall. The man walking ahead of her had fair skin which had tanned down a little unlike his brother’s bronze skin. Once inside the hall she could Chehl pacing the room,  Adrij bowed infront of him “Parama Chehl she’s here “. She slowly walked near the brothers. ” Nikunj Adrij,  you may now leave her here”, he told his brother. Adrij leftover them as asked. The atmosphere turned still as they faced each other. There were a lot of questions to be asked, lot to be said yet none of them could utter a single word.

Nikunj –Younger brother


Harappa’s lost seal-the uneven match

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DISCLAIMER: The characters and incidents in thia story are fictious with no resemblance to real personalities.
Chapter 2
He did know it would be difficult to find her but to what level he was not sure, the search party has been assigned the task of summoning her yet she was not found. She belonged to the warrior class and after separating from him the last he heard about her was she went out of the fortified city near the Sumer borders and was assigned a higher post to lash the formers out.
He still remembers how unhappy his father had been when he put forwarded his wish to marry her,  nor was his mother too happy about this union. He could guess his father’s reasons, the man disliked women of lower ground and if his son was set to marry a woman of warrior class that would be the most embarrassing situation for him. Yet he agreed, being the elder some of a Parama Chandrayu Chahel had the right to choose his wife. But he couldn’t understand his mother’s aggressive behavior towards his wife. The former was the only lady from the family who adored the girl and now suddenly she turned against her. It was not until his was in his death bed,  that he came to know her reasons “She’s your step -mother “, his father barely whispered “father you should rest now “, he had said to which the old man lightly chuckled and said “I’ll rest from tonight, listen to me now;  your mother wanted Swahayne for her own son,  your  younger brother Adrij,  but when she saw that instead of Her son,  Swahayne hot married to you she couldn’t let both of you be together “. That night true to his words his father left this world for heavenly abode.

What none of them knew and perhaps will never come to know,  Swahayne herself was against this union


He was about to be the future leader when he turned twenty-five,  and she had to spend her life fighting battles. He had known her since she was a kid,  she was Adrij’s closest friend and has been visiting their mansion for a long time. Chahel was in love with her since then. He would allow her to try out various mischievous activities on him. Thinking of those memories brought an enigmatic smile on his face. She slowly grew up to be a beautiful lady and a fiery one at that.


He knew she would be just when she returned from her Pratyakshin. But when he proposed her she declined his proposal. Later he with the help of his brother convinced her to protect him, from a pretencious problem,  which was possible only through marriage.

The seals were a totally different story,  she knew their importance and would never break the family trichome seals  intentionally,  even more so steal the most precious Kritaksh seal, because she would already be gone by then.

“Parama we found her, ” one of his guards informed him.Silently relieved at the news he followed them.
Parama – leader or would be leader.
Chandrayu – surname of a clan
Pratyakshin – training for warrior class women which usually started at the age of ten and continued for eight years.
Kritaksh – a highly valued seal containing scripture written by ancestors of the Chandrayu.


Harappa ‘s lost seal 1

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Disclaimer:  The characters mentioned in this story are completely fictional and have no resemblance to real personalities.


Chapter 1

1500 B.C.
“Swahayne what do you think you are doing here? ” a loud voice bellowed behind her while she was sitting and staring at the fruit orchard. “Trying to count the number of trees pa “, she then excitedly went upto him,  held his hand and pulled him back to her original spot “here look “, she pointed towards the trees “there are six trees,  we learnt counting today and later the teacher said he will give us lessons on the stars “, she kept on learning. “So you will my darling,  now lets go home your Ma must be worried “. On their way back they heard a loud booming sound. “Pa I heard the Sumers will kill us “, she looked worried. Bhadrak couldn’t understand how his six year old daughter knew so much about the kids know more than they should,  he shook his head. He slowly bent down to her level looked up in her innocent eyes “they are not going to get us honey,  believe me when I say we are strong “.Her brown eyes turned bigger as she digested this new piece of information. He then rushed her home before she could eat his brains out with her curiosity.

After 17 years

Sitting on a raised metallic platform Chahel looked very much like the people around him and yes though most were his kins but very few could be like him.He looked like a God,  with his sun -tanned body,  tall and strong physique,  brown eyes. After the death of his father he was their leader and they had yet to mold his figur




There had been recent losses in crop production for which they had come to him. They had been trying to solve this problem of drought for many years,  since his father had been alive. None of their tactics seemed to work , they were trying to construct a new drainage connecting a few wells to the field for now,  for which they might have to uninhabit a few house holders and he didn’t want to be brutal. So what else could he do?
” Sir do you think we should summon her here? ” one of his advicers asked,  bringing him out of the reverie. ” Not a good idea Chait,  she is from the warrior class and she might even destroy our seals out of ire like the last time “, the head priest spoke,  he had his body wrapped in Saffron and white fabric.
Chahel knew their disdainful feeling towards her,  the board would never allow him to bring her back.But the question is would she come back? When as her husband he could do nothing to stop her.

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