Little Happiness

Thinking about chocolate chip cookies,

Breathing in and out the pleasant breeze,

Did I ever think , it is the Optimism?

Something I fight with, instead of the criticism-

Seeing the squirrels play around,

My mind feels active and sound,

This little entities of happiness, that I carry

Will never let me tarry,

Love from all of you,

Makes my life bright with wonderful hue.


Still Together

You were not the most handsome guy,
Standing out in the crowd was not your way

Yet you stood for me when I had none to hold onto –
Keeping me safe from the wary eyes,

Being stout and all it was funny to watch;
You held your ground against them,

May be it was your confidence or the attitude
I know not what brought us close,

The way your shoes were never polished,
Your frequent lame jokes,  never seemed a fault.

Yes I knew I was falling for you,
May be I should have spelt my LOVE

But it was the time to put a period behind my thoughts,
I couldn’t destroy your life with your little family;

I have never expressed my feelings
And we’re still friends,

Probably this Is the best way we fit Our lives peaceful, with us still together.



Friendship not romance

What do we say when a boy and girl are seen laughing together. ” They must be having an affair ”  , ” look how flirty”, ” how can they be so audious ” etc etc.  I don’t understand why they can’t take it as mere friendship.


Two people who like being in each other’s company do need to be in love.  They can be friends who support each other and who correct us when need be.
Love is something different. Yes we are always friends with our love interest and they can make us happy with a smile or simple conversation . But with friends its different its the brotherly love with them. Our friends might be handsome but they won’t hold candle to your love interest.  And I think even the boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn’t be jealous of the fact that their partner has got a friend of the opposite gender.