Interview with the author of Emancipation

Hello readers of Seeking Romance. How are you guys doing?  I think you are doing great because with our books and blogs lying next to us we can never feel depressed.
Anyways today I would like to present the author of Emancipation -A town tale ,Mr.  Suddhabrata Deb Roy.  My heart warming thanks to Mr.Deb Roy to have granted us this interview.


The session begins here: –

1.When did you first start writing?

Ans- I wrote my first story in KG, so i guess, I started writing a longtime ago.

2. Who was your inspiration a family member, or friend or someone else?
You would want to give the credit?

Ans- Books… Yes, the basic inspirations were books and the stories inside me. I used to read a lot of books when I was a kid(even now, I read a lot,its like the only thing which has not changed in all these years) .The thirst for seeing a book with my name printed on it drives me.

3. We heard that you wrote your first novel after passing your senior Secondary exams.  So what was it about?

Ans- It was a novella, not a novel. It was about the corrupt practices which go on unabated in the sports authorities in the small towns.

4. How many novels have you written till date?

Ans- 4 to be exact, three in print, including the latest and one e-book available in Kindle format.

5. Which is your favorite genre in writing?

Ans- Urban fiction. I would love to work on comic books though someday in the future.

6. I read your last book it was a young adult romance called Emancipation.How do you think is it different from other books of the Same genre?

Ans- It is not a romance, it is an urban fiction. It is about  a young guy from a small town who gets trapped in all the ‘wary’ things that happensthere. The main USP of the book is the Raw and Life like description of what goes in and around in those small little ‘nudgy’ towns of India. Those are towns, where, the fruits of capitalism , may it be in terms of the westernization of mentality ( which is at times good and at times bad) , or in terms of technical development, have not yet made their foray into the lives of common people, and the book is all about those people living inthose towns only.

7. What is your favorite hobby (except writing)?

Ans- Reading…

8. You are student of engineering now.  So how much of your time canYou impart for your writing purpose?

Ans- It’s quite irregular. Sometimes, I write on for days, while at othertimes, I don’t write a single word for days.

9. Give us an insight of your favorite character from any of your novels.

Ans- Tanmay from EMANCIPATION-A TOWN TALE, he is passionate, fiery and knows what he wants to do. The fact that he could throw away the luxuries and chase his dreams was the best part of the novel.

10. In future would you like to take writing as your career permanently?
Ans- I will be glad to…

Again we would like to thank you Suddhabrata for spending some of your precious time with us.  Finally best of luck for your future.