Days of Joy

At the family reunion

Early morning, Christmas Day

Vivaan was opening the gift from his father. A person with whom he didn’t have a close relationship, unlike his mother. When he finally got a peek of the front face of the gift, his hands started shaking, slowly he tore open the wrapper. Unable to control his happiness, he slumped down on the nearest sofa, his legs felt like jelly -O.

” Papa how did you know”? he couldn’t complete the sentence, his voice filled with raw emotion. He turned his face to watch his father, a man whose features had almost greyed with age.

His father smiled, making the wrinkles on his face clearly visible, an actor of the yester years, yet he managed to act as cool as his old days ” There’s someone who’s been observing you for the past few months”, he then sneaked a glance towards the kitchen where his daughter -in- law was preparing breakfast for them ” she knows a lot about you, has learnt much more than I could throughout these years”. He paused for a while and then in a heavier voice he said ” take care of her, she needs to know that you love her”.

Late at night, the same day

Vivaan slyly crept away from the party and walked toward the balcony where he could see a lonely silhouette of a woman.

He walked up to her and placed a kiss right on her cheeks.

She let out a squeak and then turned to berate him, but before she could do any of that he placed a hand over her lips ” let me say this, because I will not be able to repeat it. I felt great about the gift that you chose for me and the one that you suggested my father for me. I know it’s difficult to live with a stoic person, but you are doing a great job and I would like you to continue. I promise to be more open to you. I guess, there is a bit of love involved”, he finished looking terribly nervous and confused because this was the only time when his wife was expressionless and speechless at the same time.

He hadn’t noticed when during all his rambling she walked closer to him, and kissed his cheek, she said ” I guess there is love from this side as well.”

Expressing yourself- snippets

In a shopping mall:-

” Vihaan don’t you think we should buy this, I bet it will look awesome in your study table”, Asha was trying to direct her husband’s attention towards a customized table lamp.

Vihaan chanced a glance at the lamp and replied “hmm”.

Asha took it as a signal to buy the lamp.

Later in their home :-

Vihaan was unpacking the gifts and necessities that had bought for Christmas when he saw the table lamp, he summoned his wife immediately.

” Asha, where are you”?

” coming” She arrived within a few minutes “Yes”?

” Why did you have to buy this”? He asked her showing the lamp.

She stood there for second trying to understand the situation. This man had agreed to her ” you acceded to my decision”.

” I didn’t actually, it was just a hmm”.

Asha looked baffled at him, what does he mean? “Well if that’s the situation, then at least speak a few words,” she sighed ” At least express yourself. We are newly married, we don’t know much about each other. So please say sentences in full, I’m not the best coder to understand what your codes of hmm represent in each situation”, she rattled, her voice rising gradually.

He looked at her bemused ” woman hush, you look murderous now, ” he chuckled ” will follow your advice ok”.

She knew that was his way of apologising and perhaps she had a lot to learn about him.

What were you doing ?

“So will you be doing that “? she asked him

“Do what “? he asked her while turning a page of their old wedding album .

“Did you even listen to anything I said”? she enquired with a scowl

“Umm…Actually no”, he replied like a kid caught with a candy.

“Then what were you doing while I was ranting the list “, she asked him almost fuming now.

He knew how to calm her, “I was just trying to understand, how a woman could look so beautiful and yet retain for the past 40 years”.

A smile slowly crept up her lips and she gave a small peck on his cheek.

Give my mama back

Me and mom

I really do wish that Santa could bring my mom back to me. Every moment I want to do something it reminds me of her .I don’t know why lord took her away from us so soon.

Oh Santa I wouldn’t ask for anything except,
Bring my Mama back to me –

I’ll be totally under your debt
If you bring her to me.

Tell her how much I miss her caaressing my hair
When she would lie down and whisper soothing words;

All anxiety,  distress, would be out of my care ,
She boosted my confidence,  made move forward. 

I do miss her enough, to get her from Lucifer’s lair;
I don’t know what do without making myself awkward.

Things were not meant to happen this way-
I didn’t know how much I loved her until that day.

Santa promise me that you’ll bring her for me; 
Let us be happy little family,  like we were meant to be.