.            .    Are not great
      As lovers we never sacrifice Instead loved humans, cared, shared,
For them
But that’s not something great like                                                                          money, power,  is it?No, its not
         Let’s paint our name for
.                     the world to
                     . remember .




I see you returned
For what?  There’s no love between us,  not anymore

You wish to go back to her –
Go then, I won’t stop you

No longer will I take it,
As my fault, for the way
You resent me

I loved you every possible way,
But you could never love
Me alike.




I had been waiting for you,
From the past few months.

You didn’t show up nor send any letter –
So I climbed up a mango tree,

Counted till three, but there was no sign of you;
Mom sat below screaming my name

I thought she needed a mango, so
I plucked one and dropped on her head.

I thought she would stop but her volume increased
So I plucked a few more and dropped on her head,

Now she was silent, probably happy with the fruits –
I climbed down a little later.

She was lying facing the ground
My house was on fire; 

I couldn’t save my house, mom lay in hospital
But you never came,  when my need for you was dire.


The Second Prince


    The second prince
       I never got the first choice
But   my  brother  got   arranged
      I was granted the wish to
     Court you, love you like


Parting Words of a Lover

Go my beloved,  don’t shed your tears me,
Just remember I love thee

And will love thee
Till my last breath is snatched away from me –

Have faith in lord,  he won’t upset you;
When I step in his threshold,  and him his respect due,

Now out you go, let me sleep and have some peace:
Until my soul,  the fallens come to seize.



A Genuine Love

After turning fifty a married couple takes to looking after each other as their first priority (speaking generally ). There are rough times as well as times when they put themselves into a happy bantering. Here I have attempted to present one of those crazy sessions :

A Genuine Love

How could I not compare your eyes with a mirror; 
When they show me the most awful sight I’ve ever seen –

A pair of brown eyes glaring at you,  pursed dried lips,
Wrinkled cheeks,  is all I see

Yet you say, that I got the lovliest face –
Bestowed in me is a divine glow,  increasing my radiance

I know you say this to convince me,  to flatter me,
To get a way out of my claws,  you wish to put me into a trance;

So I allow you to slip,  stealthily to the kitchen,
Get your hands on your favorite tart

Beloved I do this,  not because I’m flattered but
the genuine love that your eyes reflect,  tigs my heart like a love dart.

Apple tart


Magical essence

This post is dedicated to those women who were abused, sometime in their lives. They generally want to be independent after such trying times,  but at some point they a shoulder to put their heads on. They need a friend,  a partner whom they can trust forever. 
Magical Essence
I knew you would come, 
Come for some day

And hold me like nothing happened –
On a frightful night,  that day.

You will erase the man and his face from my mind
Who for a long time,  have haunted my dreams;

I know you’ll hold me and coo in my ears, 
While preventing me scream.

You are the magical essence,  writhing under my skin –
You are the one who chose me,  while others were nowhere to be seen.

Now as we take our vows,  caring less for the world
An unknown breeze blows over us , giving me a bliss; 

I know its the beginning of the journey,  of  life hereafter
From hence we go on, being together forever.

A married couple