Who am I?

Writing this again after 6 months,  just seems to change my attitude. Well I was a newbie before 6 months and now I can’t actually say I’m a beginner still,  a little matured than that I suppose. My blog is all about romance.  The situations we have to deal with when we are in a relationship and the way our family reacts to that,  I write about that. I advice people on how to maintain a long-term relationship,  even though myself I have had very few chances to do that.

Real life is totally different from what we read in fictions , its not the good wins over the evil.  There are situation where the match is a draw and we have to adjust to that. Relations are similar we can’t expect the other person to always understand whatever we mean to say so what we need to do is cope up with that somehow. The thing we should remember is if we love the person who is being a total jerk right now that we must have seen something in him according to our liking. 

I am here for the same reason you are here, to express my thoughts,  feelings without any interruption.  I want to shout out loud without anyone giving me their peace of mind.  Of course you can give your opinions but I’m free to speak following a little protocol.