Time to miss

Sometimes I turn up to be so busy, that one moment I remember I’m missing her and the next , I have tasks to complete. Is it proper that I didn’t shed tears while mourning or is it good enough for me to shed them now? I don’t know either will help me stop avoid that feeling of emptiness some where.But as life goes on the next moment may I will reach some where, she thought I should be.

A beautiful day

It seems that I have been walking long,

Not a matter of me getting strong

Yet it feels like a new day , when I know 

The journey will end with me and my bag in tow

I am the only one to face the world alone;

When I know it’s me , and everyone else gone,

The sunshine falling bright into my face,

Bringing out the beauty from those youthful days,

I just know I have to face it all,

With no one to catch me when I fall,

Life might be a little boring and not that great,

But I am happy here, with no hurtful words being said.

Something amiss

Amidst  the celebrations something always remains amiss

Can’t understand what I’m missing -your greetings or the morning kiss?

Nothing can replace the love that you had for me,

Yet I try to find that in fragments from people , which in their eyes I get to see.

I pray to lord you look over as my angel from the sky;

For without it I will not be able to imagine a destination beautiful and high.