Stalkers Alert

This post is very different from my usual ones. The present situation in India (I have no idea about other countries) is such that most men and even boys think that social media.networks are all dating sites.

The process begins with them sending friend requests and the girls who are unaware of such problems accepting it. Facebook is the most common one,instagram getting the runner ups cup. It might begin with hello and then next sentence being said. “I like you”. Here things start getting interesting because the guy doesn’t even know the girl and he already likes and she might reply “Ok”. If it’s an ok guys please understand that she is not interested, instead you keep on sending her messages until she finally blocks you.

Instagram the next best app to search for would be girlfriends has the same facility . Even in this app the guys may be blocked out.

If she likes you she will surely talk to you, don’t rile her up. The women of our society are already enough demoralised to be even more terrified by your mental abuse.

Review:The Shadow of the Dark Soul


The title of the story is befitting and ambiguous because a dark soul can never have its shadow, but from the context of the story some dark past may haunt us and follow us like a shadow.
The book definitely fits in the fiction genre. The summary is as follows:
Zayesha is a young journalist who just doesn’t run after the news or is any sort of media hypocrite. She tries to bring out the truth in the public. She has a lesbian neighbor Liza and her Catholic mom Ms.Chandelier. Her boyfriend Is training for the civil services. Her family is against her choice of profession.
One day on Mrs. Chandelier’s insistance she visited The Shadow Of The Dark Soul.  It is a group which consisted of people who have either been raped or their near ones faced something similar. These people didn’t want sympathy or pity instead they wanted to have a normal life where none would speak about their and look upon them as any other normal person. This little visit had stirred her heart, her thoughts were in turmoil. She finally took a drastic step and was fired from her job.  But she didn’t stop at that she adopted one of the girls whose mother had been raped .

Our author Sukhmani Gandhi’s point of view is a little different from others according to her if we try to change the outlook of our male dominant society only then can we put an end to brutal crimes against women.  Curbing the lifestyle of females will do no good rather we will have to teach our boys respect towards women. I totally agree with her regarding this matter. When a convict is punished the punishment us borne only by him but if we can change a society’s outlook then a mass number od people will affected.
One of my favorite conversation between Zayesha ‘s daughter and son:

  I heard Princess telling her little brother “It’s okay honey. I cry too. When I’m hurt… just because yoy are a boy,  that doesn’t mean you don’t cry you’ll be fine in some time. “

The conclusion of the book is very convincing where the author says that being humans we only think about the popular matters around us,  we don’t go into the depth of things.  If we truly want to develop humanity we must be able to change our view about the society. “Girls should not always be called victims instead we should call them Survivors.