Soft and light weight

The cotton threads interwined,

Preparing something strong and reliable,

I hope it lasts longer than

I think it will.

P.S. – The design was something I doodled keeping this composition in mind.

© Meloheart

8 thoughts on “Muslin

  1. Love it.
    The feeling a sweet piece of writing can give a person, deep in the pits of everything we are, think we are and everything we may ever become… It’s something I’m constantly searching for and I thank you for giving me this fleeting moment of purity. It will act as the foundation for my spirit that could never be torn.

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      1. Oh, dearest meloheart, Ive already found what it is I never knew I was searching for. Is it not love, that we all desire? That wholesomeness, that feeling that fills every last crack and seam of your bones, body and mind alike?
        It’s love, my dear. Not the codependent love you project into and onto a person you think you know, but the real pure love that can only be found within one’s self. That moment when you realize everything you never knew you desired was being incubated in the deepest pits of totality right within your own being… Being warmed and nurtured by every heart ache, every pain and piece of truth you have ever felt in your past thousand lives…

        I’ve already found what it is I want.
        It’s you,
        It’s me,
        It’s everything.
        I couldn’t begin to live without the beauty that is best bred amidst chaos.

        I won’t apologize for being long winded and romantically ridiculous 😝

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